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People need the power of energy to live! Food is condensed energy in a form which we can digest and use for the necessary power of our living processes. Energy is what we use to think and walk with but also we use it to move our automobiles, to heat our homes, and nowadays most importantly to power our internet. Without energy everything we know and love would stop. We desperately need energy!

Unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t give us our energy for free and we humans have been struggling to wring it out of our environment in ever more sophisticated ways such as: in the beginning burning wood, then in the form of agriculturally growing our own food, then digging up coal, and a hundred years ago drilling for  oil, now we are directly converting sunlight and splitting heavy atoms, and trying to fuse light atoms. All of those ways of getting our energy work but they all have some form of limitation on availability for our use, sometimes it is pollution. The new US government administration under Obama has made it a top priority to gather up our energy in a way that is more ecologically friendly and more sustainable than it has ever been done before. The previous Bush administration talked about such things but never did much but what could one expect from a Texas oil man. Solar power and wind are now the likely choices for major investment of thought, money and words from the new administration.

I have been working on this problem for years and have created several workable methods for creating energy in much greater abundance than the world of humans presently uses. I haven’t presented much of this because before giving people even more power than they already possess it seemed more important to secure the existence of what we already possess from extinction. Thus, the EarthArk project has been the top priority.

Having gotten the EarthArk project off to a start it is time to give humanity some much needed help on the clean energy problem. The goal is to create energy cheaper than coal can produce it. See Probaway – Wind for an overview of the scale of power and of the fantastic amount of power available in and over the oceans.

Wind energy of the Earth

The chart above from Earth magazine October 2008 shows where the wind power is over the oceans. The top chart is for December, January, February  and the bottom one is for June, July, August. Another view of global wind from NASA

global_wind199609211These charts show there are huge amounts of wind energy over the oceans. This power is derived from the sun’s 174 PW of light energy falling on the Earth of which about 4 PW of total heat is not reradiated directly back to space but the flux is transported by the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans away from the equator towards the poles. What this means is that more energy falls upon the equatorial regions than is radiated back to space and that energy is transported towards the poles where more energy is radiated than is received. Ultimately the Earth’s surface is in almost perfect balance of energy input, including internal heating and energy output. This flow of energy from the equator towards the poles moves in the form of wind currents and ocean currents and some portion of that energy is available for humans to capture for controlled usage. If we take energy out for our use it will not disturb the Earth’s energy balance much because it will re-radiate the energy we use back to outer space after we have used it for our purposes.

The most consistently windy place on Earth appears to be Kerguelen Island, a French possession located at -49.9 69.8. It is far south of India and it is seen to be a very windy place both in the summer and winter. It would be a great place to put up a wind farm. It was listed on my blog Lifehavens – A list of potential refuges for humanity’s survival, as a remote but habitable survival storage location. Although the islands are large ( 7,215 km2
2,786 sq mi ) only about 90 French citizens reside there to maintain French sovereignty of the surrounding oceans. It is so windy there that no trees grow. It might be perfect for generating electricity to use for some remotely locatable usage such as aluminum refining or generating storable energy for transporting back to civilization or perhaps use the energy to capture atmospheric CO2 and sequester it in some benign way.

Oceans of Wind Power – An energy creation proposal using wind.