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Earthark sites must be very cold to maintain the viability of seeds and retard the aging of other materials. There are two basic places for this to occur: the tops of high mountains and central Antarctica which has both naturally low polar temperatures and high altitude mountains.  The site locations which appear to be the very best available on Earth for permanent cold storage are here in central Antarctica. My favorite sites are at ( -83.5 +83.5 ) ( -82.9 +60.0 ) and ( -85.6 +55.0 ). Because I haven’t been able to find names for these sites it is assumed that whatever names might have been attached to them are not in general circulation and are feeble. Because, so far as I know, there has never been a usage proposed for these mountain sites and the Earthark usage is a very meaningful and strong one, and hopefully soon to be a very large one, it is fitting that they should be named with that purpose in mind.

Earthark, Noah and Hope sites

Earthark, Noah and Hope sites

Earthark sites (image from iguide.travel)

The first sight is appropriately called Earthark Mountain because it is where an Earthark will be placed and because this mountain is a large and smooth arc on the face of the Earth. The second site looks rather like an ancient boat from space with a person standing in it so it is called Noah’s Mountain and its Earthark container would be called Noah’s Ark. That is relevant and reasonable because the whole Earthark Project is rather like the ancient story of Noah and his famous ark upon which he loaded two of everything for the world’s salvation. The third site ( just off the map below) is Earthark Hope Mountain because on this and the other sites rests the hope of future humanity restoring Earth to something more closely resembling the Earthly paradise we are presently enjoying.

Animals gather to enter Noah's Ark by Jan Brueghel.

Animals gather to enter Noah’s Ark by Jan Brueghel

There is the SCAR Antarctic information site which gives some interactive maps but I didn’t find any data for these mountains which is strange because they are so prominent. Dome A ( -80.36 +77.35 ) sometimes called Argus Dome is all but invisible it is so flat but because of its being the highest point of the ice dome at 4,091 metres (13,422 ft) above sea level it gets a name. That is spectacular but my mountains needed a name too and they didn’t get one. Here is a list of Antarctic Mountain Ranges. and here is a list of Antarctica’s mountain peaks but there is nothing. Here at Peakbagger is a great list but the ones in Antarctica are all coastal mountain ranges. It will be a good idea to contact these mountain climbers because they will be able to take Earthark packages up to those higher elevations from all over the world and where they could serve as local seed banks. Local high mountains should preferably have local material to avoid cross contamination but all of these containers should be made as sturdy as possible as if they are to last a thousand years.

If we don’t save our planet’s species soon they will soon be gone forever.