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This is an editable sample page for the EarthArk.net main web site page which has been under construction since 15 February 2009.



The EarthArk Project — Index Page

  • The goal of The Earthark Project is to maximize the long term health of humanity and the Earth.
    1. 1 year goals
      1. Support fair but real population stabilization
      2. Support sustainable energy creation research
      3. Set up local Earthark collection sites with supplies
      4. Create lists and maps for Earthark collection sites
      5. Create lists and maps for Earthark storage sites
      6. Locate and plan possible Lifehaven sites
    2. 10 year goals
      1. Support robust worldwide population reduction
      2. Build large scale sustainable energy generators
      3. Maintain and expand collection program
      4. Put more varied stuff into the local Earthark sites
      5. Place an isotainer Earthark into central Antarctica
      6. Create a basic Lifehaven
    3. 100 year goals
      1. Implement robust world wide population reduction
      2. Build large scale energy and sequestration plants
      3. Create a base of several isotainers in Antarctica
      4. Create expanded local Earthark sites
      5. Place some isotainer Eartharks locally
      6. Create a fully functioning Lifehaven site
    4. 1,000 year goals
      1. Enforce populations aimed at a stable non-mining levels
      2. Pull toxic material from air such as CO2 and sequester
        1. Kerguelen Island has winds for the energy
        2. Lake Vostok like sites for wind and sequestration
        3. Pull toxic materials from land and ocean
      3. Achieve complete positive ecological restoration balance
      4. Maintain Lifehaven-Isotainer complex in Antarctica
      5. Maintain 10 independent and stable Lifehaven sites
  • The methods for accomplishing the Earthark goals.
    1. Create an Earthark community of people
      1. Create the reasons and motivations for people to help.
      2. Web based wiki style community to do stuff like define goals and procedures etc.
        1. Create new logos and interesting art works
        2. Create stories and scenarios
        3. Create first hand accounts of all phases
        4. Create YouTube videos
          1. Make them interesting enough to go viral
          2. Find out what is most appealing
          3. Offer some incentive to make videos etc.
        5. Create handout literature
        6. Make news releases and stories
        7. Get the celebrities involved
      3. Local community to implement physical collection
      4. End community to place Eartharks on appropriate sites
      5. Organizing and integrating purpose
      6. Maintenance of maps and directories
    2. Provide backup materials for restoring the Earth from everywhere
      1. Seed samples
      2. Plant cuttings
      3. Soil samples
      4. Information, books, computers, hard drives etc.
      5. Living plants and animals where necessary
      6. Tools and instructions for making and using them
    3. Spread information on how to maximize Earth’s health
      1. Posters at collection sites
      2. Public media
      3. Private Organizations
      4. Federal Governments
      5. Schools and projects everywhere
      6. Handouts and posters in schools
    4. Collection centers
      1. Sporting goods stores
      2. Airports
      3. Resorts
      4. Seed warehouses
      5. Schools
    5. Distribution methods
      1. Individual travelers’ luggage
      2. Mailing to locations near remote sites
      3. Networking collection sites for broader distribution
      4. Central collection centers
    6. Storage sites – Web sites, Maps and Directories
      1. Mountain
      2. Cave
      3. Desert
      4. Island
      5. Arctic
      6. Antarctica
    7. Isotainers
      1. Local pick up sites
      2. Local mailing drop off address
      3. Transporting to McMurdo Station and beyond
      4. Choosing final location sites
      5. Transporting to final site

From Wikipedia of Sub-Antarctic Islands