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The politics of North Korea is particularly strange this week because they are sending a long range missile capable of reaching the United States up this week, as a peaceful test of course, while at the same time they are reported to be having famine refugees sneaking out of the country.

Food shortage is always a possibility but with cheap transportation brought about by railroads and trucks on land, super tankers at sea and and jumbo jets in the air it was a thing of the past. Nowadays if there is a food shortfall anywhere in the world food can be shipped in quickly and at modest expense. There is one small proviso in getting that food and that is the ability to pay for it. There is plenty of food available at present in some places in the world and plenty of hungry people who desperately need the food in other places (sometimes the same places) and a transportation system that is capable of hauling the food to where it is needed. However, if the hungry people have no way of creating something of economic value which can be sold somewhere on the world market they will have no money to purchase anything, even food. There is little mention of the current famines looming throughout the world in the popular press but if you Google the words “Food shortage” and click News if becomes quickly visible that there are famines in progress at this very moment.

Politics is very much involved in the current famine problems and the looming famines are relatively local but with the ongoing world population explosion the famines will soon hit more countries become more common and more widespread.  The North Korean plutonium bomb reactor is supposedly on hold while they negotiated better deals with the world. It is obvious that when their tested A-bombs work a little better and their missile has been shown to fly goodly distances that their famine problem will be solved, for them. Who will be unwilling to ship them some food as a trade off for one of their cities not getting A-bombed. That food shipment will be a very temporary fix to the problem however and next year they will be back with more demands and even more sophisticated and fully developed and tested weapons.

North Korea is already moving on with this dangerous policy and being a relatively small country the rest of the world can afford to buy them off for a year of two. Other countries will soon be in similar famine induced policy corners which will aggravate everyone’s problems worldwide. These extortions will force the price of food up for everyone, everywhere on the planet and in those places where some portion of the population is already living at a low level there will be extreme stress as those people begin to starve.

The highly respected IPCC has made various projections about climate and global population but even though these people received a Nobel Prize for their work the projections which they chart out are pure silliness. For example what does their projection below indicate on the most critical factor of all, population?

IPCC Population Projections. This are silly projections ! ! ! Pick any number.

IPCC Population Projections. Pick a number any number.

These projections are totally worthless because you can pick any number from 25 billion to 5 billion and and later the IPCC apologists will say, see we were close with our prediction. A much uglier but more realistic prediction is one that assumes that A-bomb possessing nations will use them to get food to feed their starving people. That type of extortion is very dangerous of course because once that begins, even at the present North Korean level, it sets the stage to instantly trigger a major war. When that war occurs, and there are somewhere between 10,000 and 30,000 A-bombs available right now ready to go, there will not be a slow roll-over of the population curve as shown by the hallucinations of the IPCC. It will look more like the one below.

The Doomsday population crash.

The Doomsday population crash.

In this projection the world population continues to grow until there is a food crisis brought on by some sort of crisis of supply. The most inexorable and serious crisis is that of food supply but other less absolute crises might be oil production, or pollution or even simply a lack of monetary faith or perhaps a simple over zealous response to a perceived insult might be enough to bring on the collapse. The IPCC projections are all fantasies because they don’t factor in the un-factorable but obvious likelihood of a major war. They don’t factor it in because it will look ugly and they can’t get nice prizes if their predictions are ugly.

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