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If there is to be a new sun based world economy there needs to be some new symbolism which asserts that dependence. There needs to be some visual as well as auditory symbols which will appeal to the modern person which are pictorially meaningful as well as some verbal symbols and literary stories. There are many ancient symbols which have some of the necessary qualities. For example:

The Egyptian sun god Ra sailing into the night

The Egyptian sun god Ra sailing into the starry night

I derived this 5,000 year old one from a Wikipedia image of Ra. This is a good symbol because it combines the sun symbol, which is where all of the energy for powering the new economy is ultimately to come from, coupled with a wind symbol, Hathor the hawk, and oars in the water. The Ankh symbol is good for eternal life and it the potentially eternal survival of the human species which is the sought for direction. Also the winged sun is a good symbol for linking the sun and the wind:

File:Winged sun sharpe.png

Winged sun from the Wikipedia commons.


Another winged sun-disk.

Ra from the Metropolitan Museum half restored

Ra from the Metropolitan Museum one side restored the other is missing

I restored this partial half of the Ra with some cloning so it is closer to the original. Apparently the other wing is totally missing. It would be easy to duplicate and flip this wing for a symmetrical image but then it would be twice as small. I like the way the artist did the feathers better than in the examples above.

Ra the Egyptial sun disk with wings.

Ra the Egyptian sun disk with wings.

From all of these images there is the underlying symbolic connection between the energy of the sun and the energy of the wind. The energy of the wind is ultimately derived from the heating of the Earth at the Equator being greater than the heating at the poles. Thus to maintain the balance of the input of energy coming from the sun it is necessary to move some of this excess heat toward the cooler poles where it can be more easily reraidaiated back into space. This flow of heat is what we call weather.