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This is going to be a list of quotable styled bons mots: mostly silly things probably but short.

It’s hard to predict the future. It’s even hard to predict the present and for archeologists it’s even hard to predict the ancient past.

The future ain’t what it used to be and probably never will be.

There is rarely conversation between people mostly it’s talk, talk, talk, talk.

The social contract is: I will let you talk for a while if you let me talk for a while.

It is almost impossible to tell someone something they don’t already know.

A new idea must fit in perfectly with old ideas or be rejected.

People will see and hear what they want to but angry skunks always stink.

When you come to a fork in the road pick it up.

You can see a lot by opening your eyes.

Strategic categorizing enables you to search and find good stuff.

Bring a gun to your shoulder and targets will appear.

Setting a goal organizes your thoughts and behavior.

In a chaotic situation set some fixed points, then everything has a place.

It seems that everyone is a liar or a whiner but the liars have more money.

You can’t think and react at the same time so practice your reactions.

Get into the game, after all half the players are winners.

You are never going to win unless you jump in!

If your ideas won’t live on their own and go viral they will die.

Make it good enough to work and then make it the cheapest.

You tell me what you need and I’ll show you how to do without it.

When you are tempted to do a stupid thing, just don’t do it.

Take lots of little chances with big pay offs and no chances with permanent losses.

Pandemic—Stay clean, avoid sick people and if you have some flu symptoms see your doctor instantly.