I like Mexican food and last Friday night I had some, but later that night and all week long it has had me! Perhaps it was Montezuma’s Revenge even though I live in Northern California, not Mexico. There has been a problem with some salmonella laden Mexican chilies coming across the border that was just reported in the news. I did all the usual things to clear up my distress and it seemed that black tea and Pepto-Bismol helped as much as anything. And, yet, here it is a week later and I’m still feeling off. Not actively sick anymore but… off. Just off enough to make writing my blog this week into a chore rather than a pleasure. Looking back over this last week’s productions, it is obvious that disease was high in my priorities although that was totally unintentional.

My problem wasn’t deadly but it did stimulate me to write, How to live a little longer when you are dying. That procedure is to warm the heart when feeling cold and depressed and I took my own advice, who knows if it’s good or bad advice, and placed a heat pack in the form of a warm buckwheat bag, at about 106°F on my heart with a few layers of cloth between to prevent over-heating the skin. Lying on my back for the first half hour after getting into bed with the hot pack on my central chest seemed to make me feel better. Perhaps it was only a placebo effect caused by doing something which I believe would help. But, I did feel better and slept well. However, when getting up in the morning, it was business as usual.

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better — sort of.