New Year and it’s a new possibility for making resolutions. Two years ago I began blogging with the post:

Life Hacks for creating a better world.

That turned out to be a really challenging thing to do but it was interesting and sometimes a bit weird. Over the course of the year there was a general migration to simple practical things which were easy to practice and to types of observational things and ways to relate to the world.

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It astonishes me that I have posted every single day since that time. In general my blogs have gotten longer and have evolved into new ideas which I had at the beginning only as generalized ideas. The EarthArk Project evolved from The Life Haven Project which evolved out of the simple idea of having fallout shelters for large numbers of people if there was an atomic war. My origins of human beings evolved some from earlier ideas but developed into:

Human evolution was controlled by emergent human women.

Eve choosing Adam with a little help from her friends.

Adam being chosen by Eve with help from her friends.

Adam being chosen by Eve with help from her friends.

Click the picture twice for a larger more intimate view.

 That led me into thoughts of the future of humanity which along with The EarthArk Project explored what humanity would be like 5000 years from now. What things would those people wish we were doing now to help them.

 A common language of the future.

Human progress is accelerating rapidly!

Give people of the future what they need to survive.

The near future must include an EarthArk.

The worldwide transportation systems in the year 7000 CE.

Then there is my long time interest in the crimes and hoaxes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which it seemed wise to get out-of-the-way before launching on the practical aspects of The EarthArk Project.

Jack the Ripper is in a theater near you.

Jack the Ripper was Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Jack the Ripper and Vincent Van Gogh

The Drake Plate of Brass was made by Conan Doyle

That is a sampling of where I have been in the last two years but there are other things like some inventions.

Automatic battery charging makes an all electric economy work.

Permanent speed bumps replaced with reactive speed dents.

The UNESCO world heritage sites was a major project and really fun to explore the various wonderful places and save your tourist dollars.

UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with Links

There were some medical suggestions:

Surviving the Swine-flu, Bird-flu. 4 new ways.

Mexican flu, bird-flu, swine-flu human-flu deadly flu.

Bird flu is coming sooner or later—so prepare for it.

I haven’t much of an idea what will happen next year but if the trend continues it will be interesting for me and disturbing for my friends.