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A shorthand system can never be any simpler than the Probaway single stroke shorthand system because nothing can be communicated with less than a single stroke unless it is implied by the context of the existing writing. The Probaway system makes every letter in the alphabet with a single stroke and has a simple way of implying some of the others without even writing them down. All you need to learn are the new single stroke shapes of the standard 26 letters of the alphabet and a five simple rules for applying them. All words are spelled normally and are capable of being completely spelled out without departing from the short hand forms so all ambiguities may be eliminated. The basic system is nearly identical to that published in 1995 but in this blog I want to show some examples of how the implied letters are written in after the original shorthand word has been written. It is a consistent way similar to dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s after writing a word in longhand script. The underlying script is as it always was and the touching up after the completion of a word or document is only to assure clarity.

A picture of the complete Probaway-Script shorthand system.

To read this original page easily you need to see them in the PDF format and then print them out onto paper for best understanding. Below is the same page but with the implied letters written in afterward for illustration


Print out this version out also so you may easily compare what would normally be written in a session and what could be added later for maximum clarity.

Click here for the much clearer and printable PDF file.