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[Press Release – 17 December 2009 – For immediate release]

The real life Sherlock Holmes was also Jack the Ripper. It has been shown by Charles Scamahorn that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle left clues to prove that he was Jack the Ripper.  Doyle was the author of the original Sherlock Holmes detective stories but he also wanted credit for being  Jack the Ripper. It has been more than 100 years since these infamous murders happened in Victorian London but Jack is still the most famous serial killer of all time. That’s a sign of a really good storyteller and Doyle was the best. This was the original and the most outrageous whodunit ever created. The story is still famous because it is filled with so many quirky plot twists that it begs the sleuth in all of us to try to identify the real killer. The clues are obvious once you know what to watch for and the clues were just made public on Scamahorn’s site http://www.probaway.com/. Scamahorn gives many specific clues that Doyle cleverly embedded into this series of homicides. These new facts about Sherlock Holmes should make watching the new movie coming out on Christmas day even more entertaining.

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