Today was a bit cooler but still perfect so I walked out into the center of the meadows, found a dry spot in the grass and just lay down flat on my back and vegitated for well over an hour. The grass was thick and dry enough to be very insulative and pleasant. I meditated idely upon various thngs : Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear lobe, which was strange enough, but then trully strange was why did he give that remnant to a woman named Rachel? This was peculiar because it was while the Jack the Ripper murders were still in progress, or were thought to be in progress, they apparently ended with the murder of Mary Kelly and while the first edition of A Study in Scarlet was on the news stands in Beeton’s Xmas Annual magazine. That first Sherlock Holmes story begins with The word Rache, written the victims blood upon a wall, which was thought by the police to mean the name Rachel but which Sherlock Holmes was to prove meant the German word revenge. There is lots more ambiguity about that word going all the way back to Mountain Meadows, Utah where a woman named Rachel was murdered by slashing her throat. Because, Sherlock claimed to have close blood ties to artists there might have been a literary connection also and because Conan Doyle, the author, had many familial ties to famous artists and it is possible that Conan had some real world contacts with Vincent and somehow convinced him to cut off his ear and give it to Rachel a prostitue. There are severl circles that can be curliqued about in this complex folk dance of possibilities.

Another idle thought was about the football game which I had just watched on TV. UC Berkeley, Cal played Minnisota, which was considered an inferrior team. Cal did manage to win by two touchdowns but the game wasnt’ played as well as it should have been because of poor coaching choices on plays. Cal has a specatucular running back named Best who is clearly in line for a Heisman Trophy. He made several amazing plays early on but then the coach in an effort to build up his statistics started giving him the ball almost every play. When Minnisota realized this it became a simple defensive strategy to just go for Best. When all eleven defensive players are concentrated on one man that one man doesn’t get much success. Best would have gotten far more yardage for the game if they gave him the ball about one third of the time and his stats would have looked far better. Mixing up the plays spreads out the opposition and they don’t know what to expect or whom to cover. Always giving the ball to one player even the best player in the world will make him look poor.