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Fallen Leaf Lake, just west of Lake Tahoe California is where the beautiful people from Stanford University go for high Sierra pleasure. There is a quiet little mom and pop store at the west end of the lake (38.8792 -120.0656)where you can get sandwiches, ice cream and basic groceries at only slightly elevated prices. I sat there for a couple of hours on a perfect day in various situations and I couldn’t help but mention to my buddies that although this was a perfect lake there are many places in the world where one could have just as beautiful a place all to yourself. You can find a beautiful space almost anywhere if you have the right mental attitude. The question becomes how to you achieve the right state of mind to enjoy where you are actually located.

Yesterday, I picked up an old friend of mine at the local Catholic church after the service. I arrived a few minutes early so this 85 yer old man wouldn’t be left standing at the altar, so to speak. I stood at the back of the church for the last couple of minutes of the service, which I didn’t understand. It was mysterious and a bit weird to an outsider but beautiful in a very old fashioned way. (I guess I don’t have much need for absolute answers to unanswerable questions.) The events which astonished me happened when the congregation was leaving the service. I stood near the guy that was holding out a basket and collecting small sums of money from the departing people. The shocking thing, once I noticed it, was how consistently calm everyone departing the service was behaving. I mean CALM! Everyone was calm.

Yesterday, I had laid in the grass for a couple of hours far out in the Tahoe meadows and felt quite relaxed but compared to these people exiting from, what I supposed to be, a typical church service, I was still very tense. Quite frankly, I don’t know if I want to be that relaxed! I still have things which I want to accomplish in this lifetime and if I were that calm my whole life would come to a pleasant standstill.

Perhaps, after I finnish my EarthArk Project, and the Jack the Ripper expose and the control and conversion of the Earth’s climatic energy to human available energy, I will relax. But, until then it would be better for humanity for me to avoid going to Catholic services. They are just too calming for my needs. Perhaps, later. After all, as I said to some women at a garden party a while ago, “I’m not much into pleasure.”