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I am sitting in my coffee shop, the Caffe Mediterraneum, here in Berkeley, chatting with my buddies about how to stop the flu epidemic. I have been giving suggestions to the officials at flu conferences and meetings on how to accomplish that seemingly impossible task. I was grousing over the fact that I had actually had the microphone turned off after the third one sentence suggestion, without any comment from the speakers and how I need some fame or notoriety in order to be heard. Because without some clout I will keep getting shut down.

In the midst of that pitiful whine up drives a white super stretch limo and parks right in front of me. So being a photographer with the old west tradition of shoot first and find out what’s happening later—like that time when a horse called Cow comes clomping down the street I started shooting, more or less wildly in their general direction. ( stretch limo, +37.8655 -122.2584 )

+55.9462 -3.1835

Why does a stretch limo park in front of Moe's bookstore?

The limo starts spouting really cute girls right in front of me. I suspect you will believe me when I assert that this doesn’t happen to me very often. Maybe it does to you, but not to me, so I had some trouble maintaining my composure and a steady giggle free camera hand. Then I get an invitation I couldn’t refuse—to take a look at this young lady’s attributes. ( calling girls, +37.8656 -122.2586 )

Come on over and take a look at this!

Come on over and take a look at this!

So I went over and took a closer look at what she was apparently talking about. It looked nice to me. I mentioned that I thought all girls were trying to be naughty but nice and that they were just checking out the limits of this naughty but nice thing. Is this cool? Or hot? Or something else? Warm perhaps? Or something I haven’t experienced? ( girls, +37.8656 -122.2586 )

A closer look and some fleshy attributes.

A closer look at some fleshy attributes with a Yin-Yang tattoo.

As it turned out they were doing a promotional skit for the web site becomefamous.tv and will soon have a TV show called Trying to become famous. So I made pictures of them and they made movies of me and we all had a good time and after quite a few laughs I went back to my buddies and tried to explain myself and my questionable behavior.

The way I see it I don’t particularly want to be famous but apparently I need to be or else all of my good ideas will continue to get ignored and I can no longer tolerate that. So if I am going to save the world and all you people in it I am going to have to do what ever is necessary to be famous, even look at pretty ladies’ butts. Okay, if that’s what it takes I’m all for it.