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Bill Gates thinks he has money enough to divert hurricanes. He wants to do it by pumping cold water up from the deep sea and using this water to displace the hot water that is on the sea surface. I don’t know exactly how he  intends to do that pumping but I know what I would recommend and have already thought about at some length for my EarthArk Project. Basically it is quite easy if you do just the right thing. Here’s how:

Find an appropriate place where you want the cold water to appear on the surface, place an anchor attached to the ocean floor beneath that location, and attach that anchor with a line to a large fabric diagonal-sea-sheet similar to a sea-anchor set to some appropriate depth. This depth is such that the naturally flowing deep water would be diverted upwards by flowing against the diagonal-sea-sheet. Once in place the angle of the diagonal-sea-sheet could be adjusted for whatever amount of flow to the surface was deemed appropriate. The same device, set at a different angle, could be used to send warm surface water downward and mix it with the cold water below. Which action is performed is controlled by the angle the diagonal-sea-sheet is set to. This system would require very little human derived power to operate, only enough to set the trim tabs on the ailerons on the diagonal-sea-sheet, which themselves could be set with trim tabs. Back in the 1950’s the B-36 bombers used a similar cascading by using a little trim tab to control a bigger trim tab to control a huge aileron to control those immense airplanes.

The expense for a very large sea anchor is only the cost of the canvas cloth, a large cable to link it to the ocean bottom (or drogue-anchor), whatever is needed to attach the cable to the bottom, and also a tiny controllable motor to operate the trim tab.

Controlling hurricanes is easy with a little canvas in the right place.