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Today I posted the Jack the Ripper exposé to a source which claims to be a news outlet for Google. My earlier effort going directly to news outlets yesterday didn’t succeed in getting any action. Today my personal librarian tried a few different search words and the most productive one was [ press release distribution ] which gave some apparently good sites. I chose to fill in the data in the top listing on Google. It wasn’t in the yellow section or the side bar so I don’t think it was a paid link but it looked legitimate. It is called [ www.prlog.org ]. I filled in the questionnaire and the several boxes which were reasonably clear about what they would present to the viewers. I had been working on my basic blog presentation at WordPress with links and had previously posted links to those from my web site at [ www.probaway.com ]. Using that method lets me have a shorter user name and an index page that remains fixed. From there I can direct people to specific pages at [ probaway.wordpress.com ].

There were a couple of hits already on blog my post Jack the Ripper was Arthur Conan Doyle but so far not much is happening. Because this is such a hot topic in the long run it has plenty of staying power and because the movie Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. is coming out next week it will have plenty of current interest. Chances are good that the movie will get some Oscar nominations so there should be a good year of interest. My basic web page is interesting and the points are valid so it should get lots of coverage. Probably people will reject the idea at first but after the facts are checked the evidence will be so much stronger against Doyle than any of the other suspects that he will finally get his just deserts. He obviously wanted them or he wouldn’t have put so very many clues into these crimes. I can’t possibly have projected so many into the events if they hadn’t been planted there to be found.

The game’s afoot or is it at hand? So let the fun begin.