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Nasturtium leaves

Nasturtium leaves.

I like Sara Frucht’s paintings very much and blogged about her and her work in, Sara Frucht – a good friend and a great artist. I appreciate the way she captures the qualities of light in her paintings and asked her if she would do a portrait of me. She took this snapshot of me sitting in the Med, our coffee shop, last week for a study. 

Charles Scamahorn

Charles Scamahorn at the Mediterraneum in Berkeley, California

I like the picture because this is how I feel much of the time while sitting there conversing with my friends. It shows me generally comfortable and contented but also exposes a vague hopefulness that something interesting is about to happen. And also, a willingness to experience the appallingly bizarre behavior which often does happen in this asylum — this dark at the end of the tunnel. 

The purpose of the world it to provide something interesting.