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Unusual and unrecognisable picture of Sherlock Holmes

Search engine #1 Sherlock Holmes

The Search engines Google and bing dominate the web but others are better for some searches. Choose combinations of relevant unique words like Rache + Sherlock

Size indicates my rating of general-search value.

ExcellentGreat — Good — Okay

Click the tilde ~ after some site names for more information.

  1. Alexa ~ traffic rank, search analytics, demographics
  2. ASK ~ gives pic and definition at the top and good narrow, expand, related helps lists point to preview sites.
  3. BING ~ is the major search engine from Microsoft which has a clean image presentation now also used by Google.
  4. BestSearch ~ has refining tools which keeps your picks to a clipboard for later ranking. Requires a log in for advanced functions.
  5. blekko ~ will let you limit your search with hundreds of slashtags, like /science. Beta just announced August 2010
  6. ChaCha ~ gives 33 good clean search sites and has a human like guide available. pop-unders
  7. CUIL ~ has drop-down helps as you enter search. It is a clean presentation with an automatic time-line and categories
  8. Don Busca ~ clean presentation with concept clusters and some page thumbnails.
  9. DogPile ~ combines major engines and sorts by combined overlap.
  10. Draze ~ Compares results with several search engines with a handy view-box of the found sites.
  11. Evalts ( my mock-up design for a search engine ) ~ expands your search by offering search suggestions beside every word you choose.
  12. Exalead ~ has thumbnails of sites, alternate search strategies and search by date, location, file type.
  13. Flickr ~ a vast collection of searchable photos from around the world can refine your recognition memory.
  14. The Free Dictionary ~ shows your search term in a long embedded searched list and a thesaurus; day-tips back to June 2005. Refdesk
  15. GOOGLE ~ the acknowledged best general search engine is a great blend of expert and commercial sites.
  16. Google Sets ~ helps you find new search words with a meta-thesaurus by expanding from your list of a few example words.
  17. Grokker ~ has short lists of commercially linked search helps.
  18. Koders ~ finds examples of specified computer code in web pages. This site is for programmers.
  19. Liveplasma ~ searches for movies and music that is similar to your search input and graphically separates them.
  20. Oaister ~ is a union card catalog of digital scholarly sources for librarians.
  21. Panoramas ~ by ATVR shows wonderful 360 degree photographs of lots of places. Check the directory.
  22. Search Engine Watch ~ is a source for search engine marketing, with tips forums, and blogs the latest news.
  23. Search Engine Guide ~ helps understand the problems of search engine submissions, and optimizations.
  24. SIDEKIQ ~ gives a quick shift between all major search engine results with a helpful side bar. Locked in madness? – See original sites by > Right click the page > This frame > Show Only This Frame
  25. Snap ~ gives a basic web search.
  26. Soople ~ has 20 specialized search boxes with eye confusing layout.
  27. SurfWax ~ meta-search gives a quick one line list of urls and their sources and saves search and documents.
  28. UNESCO World Heritage ~ sites with photo, movie links to nearly a thousand very special places.
  29. Whonu? ~ has a logical list of methods for refining searches.
  30. Yahoo ~ a popular-public oriented site with a directory driven blend of expert and commercial sites presented.
  31. YouTube ~ is for videos but has a very good search engine which works sometimes for refining general searches.
  32. ZabaSearch ~ for finding people and phone numbers

Okay, so I overshot the top 10 a bit but I do have 5 I like a lot. My surprise was how much I liked and hated SIDEKIQ. Work with it a for a while and I think you will agree. For example after clicking a search, say in Google you can just single click an alternate engine, say bing or Yahoo and instantly have their take, which might be a bit different. And, if you know what you are searching for the narrowing list helps find the path to your goodies. Unfortunately, if you want to get directly to the original sites you discover you are locked into their system and it’s much harder to get there than from any other search engine. You must use appropriate right-click-throughs.

    Wikipedia Search Engines

  1. Wikipedia’s ~ list of Search Engines
  2. AskMeNow ~ is mostly intended as a cell phone based search
  3. Lexisum ~ presents the first paragraph of its Wikipedia finds
  4. Powerset ~ is a brief browser with the basic stuff
  5. Qwika ~ scans many wikis and has a Google like presentation
  6. Similpedia ~ pastes a paragraph of your text for searches
  7. Wikirage ~ tracks what is topical on Wikipedia edit popularity
  8. Wikiwax ~ trims enter words to likely subjects quickly
  9. cpedia ~ is a wikilike computer generated encyclopedia

Comments on searches – we need more ability to interact and refine what we are searching for and an interface which continually maps where we have been and gives suggestions as to where we might go.

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