I sometimes ask myself, what are the right questions to be asking? But, that of course depends upon what I’m trying to do; and for this blog subtitled Life Hacks, I intend to suggest helpful ideas on getting through life as abundantly as possible. There are several separate aspects to the scope of that problem depending upon how personal and temporary or how world-wide and long-term I intend the question to be applicable to.

Personal questions would be concerned with getting through the daily chores and finding interesting things to do. I have a lot of posts to that question which are filed under such rubrics as: – Health Habits Psychology – Medical inventions –

Personal inventions for helps around the local environment: – Medical – Household – Automotive

World questions that concern what we should be doing to improve our relationship with our Mother Earth such as: – Geo Engineering – Global warming –

Technology questions and potential fixes like: – Aviation accidents – Earth moving projects –

Social questions such as: – Disinformation Trustworthiness Conan Doyle

Existential questions about life and extinction: – EarthArk Life Havens

What are the best questions to be asking relative to these various issues which I have been exploring?