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Taking aspirin every day might kill you! I originally wrote will kill you but then even getting shot with a rifle doesn’t always kill people so I softened it up a bit. The statistics are actually very bad for people taking aspirin every day even in low doses and taking a couple of aspirin several times a day, like it says it’s okay to do on the bottle, is probably quite dangerous. For acute and occasional usage aspirin is highly recommended, such as for an occasional headache or even more so when you have a heart attack or other blood clot problem. In those situations the sooner you take aspirin the better. Every second you wait before taking two aspirin after the extreme pain of a heart attack hits is very dangerous. A penny’s worth of aspirin can save your life and an occasional dose like this is unlikely to cause severe stomach bleeding. Some heart attacks are sudden onset with no acute warning and the person is dead, end of story. However, a great many are a partial occlusion of some artery or a total occlusion of only one of several arteries serving the heart. In those cases it may take several hours for the heart or the occluded portion to stop functioning and for the person to die. These types of heart attack are generally accompanied by obvious symptoms of pain and nausea. The victims know for a certainty that something is dreadfully wrong. This is the time to take aspirin because it has been proven that under these conditions aspirin will help get the blood flowing past the blockages.

If you have a heart attack and if you take aspirin immediately you should immediately go to the hospital by the quickest and most appropriate method possible. Upon entering the emergency room walk past the waiting line and tell the entry person you are having a heart attack. They will probably escort you to a diagnosis room immediately and give you some aspirin but stop them and say that you have taken two aspirin before coming over. If it has been two hours since you took any, take two more aspirin but no more. Probably you should not take any more aspirin after this second dose because it has been reported that there is a rebound effect from continuing to take aspirin after about twelve hours and it could be counter-effective. If you are now in a hospital they have other options for coping with your clogged arteries.

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Aspirin is not a vitamin. You don’t need aspirin to live a normal life. Aspirin is a dangerous drug and interferes with your body’s normal clotting processes. When you have an abnormal blood clot in an artery leading to your heart or another vital organ, that anti-clotting quality is a good thing and will help you live; the rest of the time it is a bad thing and sometimes it will kill you. Find the cause for chronic pains and cure the cause instead of treating the pain. Pain is nature’s way of telling you something is wrong and you should fix it.

Taking aspirin doesn’t fix anything but it does help dissolve clots.