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Social interactions are very difficult when the person with whom one is conversing refuses to look at any of the facts being used to support a point of view. It seems that when a person has formed an opinion about some particular thing, no matter how ill-formed or uninformed that idea is, the idea becomes fixed in their mind and it is beyond any further consideration of facts by that person. People have no ability to look rationally at something after their first observations are fixed. Therefore when making any sort of presentation the easily agreed upon preconceptions must be presented first before any new facts are introduced. It is establishing rapport with the other person. Simply presenting facts, in support of an idea, is worse than a waste of time it is counter productive. A structured form which these facts will later be formed into a coherent and acceptable whole to the persons preexisting bias’ must be placed before facts are shown. Therefore the opening statements must be simple, positive and biased to the recipients needs.

The whole new idea must first conform to the entire cultural baggage which the other person brings to the table and this new idea must conform to their politically-correct bias. Without political correctness to the other persons preexisting bias no idea will be considered as potentially true. The term politically-correct is used because it compresses all the learned experiences, hopes and fears of a person into one term.

It isn’t because people are incapable of seeing relationships between various complex ideas it is just that each of those ideas must fit into their already existing preconceptions. If simple facts are presented first the recipient of those facts will spontaniously fit those facts into their preexisting world view. If some of the first things seen in a particular new idea are unacceptable because they don’t fit their world view, then all the following material will be suspect and unless instantly modified to fit into their preexisting thought patterns all of your material will be rejected. Once the rejection process has begun then new materials which would before have been acceptable will now be rejected. Those new ideas will be percieved as trying to prove a previously unacceptable idea and be rejected. Even earlier material that was acceptable will now be suspect and be rejected.  Further attempts to prove an idea based on any of this new material will be futile at this time.

Conversations of this type do have one advantage and that is that it permits you to clarify your own thoughts upon the subject. However, you have probably lost your interlocutor forever to your point of view because they will now be convinced of the truth of theirs. Never attempt to convince anyone of something which challenges their preexisting bias.

Conversations are most productive which appeal to the other persons preexisting bias.