Most people don’t have a clue on how to eat sugary desserts and just stuff them in their mouth with what they think of as unending pleasure. But from the maximizing pleasure point of view that is totally wrong. I’ll get to how to get more pleasure out of desserts in a bit. But what’s worse with that stupid stuffy method of eating desserts is that it soon leads to all sorts of well known bodily disasters. Need I list them? I will anyway. Besides the loss of money there are rotten teeth, pimples, rashes, overweight, obesity, sugar reactions, type one diabetes with deadly disasters and type two diabetes with slower disasters which take a little longer to kill but generally succeed. I will help you avoid those pitfalls but first take a look as some really scrumptious ecstasies.

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There are too many unique desserts to eat them all, at least all at once, but you might make it a life-goal to eat say 5,000 different desserts and keep careful notes on what their qualities were and exactly how good they looked and the specifics of how yummy every one tasted. I have a friend who has a life-goal of reading 5,000 books and taking careful notes on every one of them which has certainly made him into a fountain of general knowledge and specific information. By following a similar procedure you could become the local guru on goodies and the envy of all those people who simply eat and forget what it was like and eat again. Those stuffing eaters’ pleasures last for only a few seconds but the dessert guru’s pleasure can last for a lifetime.

Two years ago on my Lake Tahoe vacation I did some dessert eating experiments. The experiences and results of those experiments are discussed in How to eat chocolate cake, apple pie and other desserts. I just reread it and was a little surprised at the simplicity of the results. I have been following those discoveries ever since but the amazing thing is that no one else seems to have observed these simple findings which I reported. I suspect most people think me a bit silly for eating desserts the way I do. Be that as it may be the take away observation is eat your desserts along with your meal.

The experiments to prove this silly assertion are as follows. #1. Eat a batch of desserts first up to half of a meal’s total caloric intake. After about six micro portions, about half a teaspoon of desserts each (even twelve if you have access to them), you will discover you can’t tell the difference between any of them. They all taste the same! I can say that, I can shout it and it won’t mean a thing but if you do the experiment of taking no more than half a teaspoon bite of each dessert one after the other and then double back you will find the wonderful flavor of every one of them has vanished. Well, that being the case, you will realize that there is no more pleasure in eating more desserts and if you are marginally sane you will just stop eating any more than just a modicum of desserts. Why bother eating more, it’s no fun. Experiment #2. Eat a half a teaspoon of desserts right along with your meal interspersing in with the vegetables, the meat, the soup and with everything else but no more than a very small portion of dessert. When you are done with the regular meal you are also done with the desserts and stop eating. Other people may now be eating their desserts but you are done. The reason you don’t need any more dessert is because you know from the previous experiment that it will not be as enjoyable as the previous ones, so why bother eating it?

Okay, so you want to eat as much dessert as possible. Why? I don’t know, perhaps you were a pig in a previous incarnation or maybe you’re at an all-you-can-eat cafeteria and are short on money, or you are a logger and have to consume vast quantities of food to do your job. Whatever the reason here’s how to eat lots of desserts and enjoy every bite. It’s like above with minimal eating but you just keep going with a small portion of any dessert, say you have set six of them out in front of your swinish plate, then eat some salad, then a bit of a different dessert then say a bit of soup, then a bit of another dessert then a little of the meat course, a different dessert, then a few beets with of course a little of another dessert. You get the idea—keep mixing each of the different desserts in between a variety of other non-sugary foods. If you follow this simple procedure you can consume several times the amount of dessert that you could if you simply saved dessert to the end and tried to gobble down as much as possible all at once.

My chore as a farm boy was to slop the pigs. They really get into their food !.