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There are lots of simple things I want and which all of these techie people should be providing to me but they are failing in their quest to keep me happy. For example, why doesn’t Microsoft have a feature where you can have a constantly upgrading Desktop background image based on a webcam. It would be so easy for their programmers to do. Already they provide a way of having the image change on a schedule which chooses pictures from an already existing gallery of pictures. Surely it wouldn’t be much of a challenge to permit the user to choose a web site with a webcam and then to put that image in as the desktop image.

An example of a great view is out over the San Francisco Bay as seen from high up in the Berkeley Hills at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

View over Berkeley, CA 2010/05/10-7:47PM from Lawrence Hall of Science

I did a screen grab of this shot a few minutes ago, while I was writing this post. It is just before sunset. It is okay but sometime the view is much better SEE IT NOW. The homes located to either side of this photo are very expensive, in part because of the view but with the screen saver I am proposing here anyone with a computer could have a similar spectacular view. It could be upgraded live every few minutes.

Lawrence Hall of Science

Berkeley, CA 2010/06/10-8:36PM from Lawrence Hall of Science

As an alternative you can create a folder of stock images in temporal order which can be set in a Windows 7 folder which can be cycled through in approximated real-time by setting the new picture rate to 30 minutes. If you took a picture from the LHS archive every 30 minutes the result would simulate real-time. That would be cool but it wouldn’t be real and having a real picture would be so much nicer because looking out over a live scene gives a more sublime feeling than a canned picture.

Having your favorite place, live as a desktop screen saver would give you some real feeling of being there. Another use for this desktop view would be to have your baby cam on-screen so you could keep watch in another room of junior.

I like this overview of Berkeley best because I have spent many hours near here just recovering from the strenuous run up the hill from the middle of this picture to the very top of Grizzly Peak about a mile behind the camera.