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This blog has been about my flu for the last several days. In looking over these blogs it appears the first sign that anything about me might be getting sick was my acute sensitivity to noise. The curse of modern civilization is noise, so I took a hot bath. There were two intervening days which seemed to be symptom free but I did mention feeling a bit of excess world-sorrow at humanities struggles at the end of the next day’s blog, The most amazing map of our mother Earth, so I took a single hot bath those days as much for pleasure reasons as therapeutic ones. That gloomy emotion may have been forced by an underlying flu just playing with my brain. Perhaps the day before I first wrote of the onset of flu visible symptoms there was a hint of self pity manifest in, The rabbit Achilles finally catches Zeno’s tortoise. Then came the clear announcement that the flu was upon me and I was trying to fight it off with, My treatment of today’s flu worked okay. Even this hot bath treatment was stated at that time to be my effort to fend off any possibility of catching a flu, because I was manifesting only the slightest outward sign of being sick – a bit of itchy throat. But, then — My flu germs are doing better than I am, stated clearly that I was definitely sick with a flu. That day I took two hot baths, one in late morning and one in early evening. After the baths I felt much better and was  essentially symptom free. Then on the second day of real symptoms at half time of the Superbowl XLIV I had a fever of 100.1° F so I wrote that My flu germs are doing much better than I am, and I took a bath but got back in time to watch the last three minutes of play and one late in the evening. The next day I had no flu symptoms so went to the Med. No one mentioned I looked under the weather and I had zero fever and no coughing so I wrote, I have cured the H1N1 flu – hurrah – maybe. I was feeling cautiously optimistic with the maybe but I was feeling fine. Perhaps a little tired so I took a single bath and played with the computer making touch-up portraits of Virginia Woolf, Virginia Woolf – Portrait comparisons. It’s lots more fun than playing Solitaire. The next day after taking a bath I went to the Med again and while talking with my chums saw this woman previously unknown to me which reminded me so much of Virginia Woolf that I did a blog about her called, A young Virginia Woolf – 108 years later. Today I felt fine, as I did for the previous two days but took a single bath as a backup to any possible rebounding of the flu. 

This has all been an unusual experiment in my hot bath flu treatment because I started it earlier than usual and continued it longer than usual. The real flu with any symptoms which other people could have seen lasted less than two days and except for a couple of hours before the Superbowl wasn’t enough to interfere with my usual schedule.

I believe my flu cure works and would encourage others to follow the procedures suggested in the above blogs.