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We have been looking for a new home for the last few months and there are so very many options to be considered. One thing which I hadn’t intellectualized about is where would it be fun to live. What place, after ten years of living there, would I say that was a good use of time and I had a lot of fun? In the past I considered having a good conversation at a coffee shop to be a good use of time because it was fun but when I look back on years of conversations it seems they didn’t produce much in the way of what I presently value. And what was much worse the deep wells of youthful enthusiasm in that venue had grown stale with age. There were precious few new ideas and conversation had devolved into silly bickering over trivial things and exciting gossip about moribund people. These are the end points of people who inhabit coffee shops too long. Those who went into bars instead of coffee shops back in college days got to the moribund condition sooner but some realized the inanity of that path and sobered up to productive lives. Of course those who went the hard drug route are long forgotten and the motorcycle guys mostly went the way of organ donors. Those that went the academic route are now old and have turned into frail old wizened dudes who are still having a good time similar to college graduate days. Some went into founding computer related businesses and have become famous and wealthy but they all departed so very long ago that I don’t even remember them clearly. We also had some famous political radicals but I always considered them as fraudulent pretenders and didn’t follow their careers very closely but they are all dead now. It seems they didn’t have much life force and they expended it on public display for rebellious causes. The real street people didn’t seem to have a long life expectancy and the ones I recognized seemed to have a life expectancy of about eight years. They seemed to age fast and then just be gone.

I go through all those abstracted memories to clarify that a new direction must be taken. I may only have about ten years of life left but I would like it to be more than just idle conversation about who is sick today and where they hurt, what drugs they are taking and why they aren’t working very well. Who died yesterday and what can we be doing about it.

What I used to consider fun was talking about great ideas—even if it was usually a fairly shallow conversation, it was animated. Now I find I like talking about things that can be done to make the world a better place and what can be done to actually do that, and a conversation with warmth rather than heat. Or perhaps discussing if it is even possible to do that because human nature will prevent permanent solutions. I like to think in terms of 10,000 year solutions but that sounds like authoritarianism, which isn’t what I have in mind at all. What I want is simply for humanity to survive as long as possible and the way to do that is to live in balance with the resources which are available in the long run. That isn’t any particular ism it is just a hope for humanity to have a good time.