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It’s sad but when you see a desperate derelict just remember he is the most important person in the world to himself. A direct corollary derived from that simple observation is, that since he loves himself above all other things he thinks even less highly of you than he does of himself. Now, with that in mind, pause and picture yourself as more desperate than this poor disheveled creature.

What a pitiful mess you would be, if you were worse off than he!

There are seven billion people presently inhabiting Earth, and if you are average then half of them are worse off than you. The task of you personally taking care of all those three and a half billion less fortunate people than you is obviously totally beyond your ability. This enormous number of more unfortunate people than average-me is a billion more than the total number of people alive when I was born, the fortunate ones along with the unfortunate. By that strange measure when I was born there were a billion people worse off than average-me but now there are three and a half billion people worse off than me. What a strange thought. Is that some sort of perverse progress?

It is reported that Haiti was the richest colony in the New World back in 1776, when the United States was forming and declaring its independence, and Haiti itself became independent in 1804. Two hundred years later those Haitians live in squalor, and since the earthquake last year they live in absolute squalor. The land was rich but people had too many children, and now there are too many people to be productively employed even though the land is still rich. When that happens a downward feedback cycle ensues, and in a few generations there is no way out until Mother Nature steps in and reduces the population. That’s when squalor turns to horror. Haiti is a precursor of what the whole planet will soon look like if something isn’t done.

But, nothing can be done to prevent a predator free Malthusian boom and bust famine cycle of a dominant predator species — except in a legally controlled situation. An authoritarian country like China can enforce population limits and prevent immigration. In the worlds second most populous country, India, there is no population control the population will expand until it exceeds the carrying capacity of the new green-revolution created food surplus and then it will collapse. When that happens the ensuing famine of a population of a billion people will make Haiti look like a Sunday picnic. Haiti is small enough that the world has been able to send a dribble of aid which helps, but the same amount of aid to a country as large as India would be totally meaningless, and the vast amount needed simply won’t be available at any price.

India and China are prosperous now but India doubling its population again is probably impossible. Its population tripled since 1947 and is still exploding, it is trending in toward that impossible to sustain overpopulation situation. When this huge country gets near this famine breaking point a situation rather like the desperate and derelict person (country) at the top of this post will emerge and it will look worse than Haiti looks now. Probably several other countries will precede India into this exhaustion of resources condition and the humanitarian helpfulness of other countries will have been exhausted and so no meaningful aid will come.

These people will value themselves and their country more highly than all others and so wars of famine driven desperation will ensue. Human ethics dictate that a person has a right to  personal survival and so there only will be a modest condemnation of aggressive behavior at first, but India may be a late comer into this desperate game and their aggression may not be tolerated well by the world community.

It may be that the Earth is finally getting overbalanced by human pollution and this year may be the last one we will remember as good. The fluctuations were greater this year than what we are used to both hotter in the summer and colder in the winter and just plain a little more unsettled than usual. If these fluctuations persist and get worse then the world’s food supply will dwindle because farmers must be able to predict the weather well in advance to be able to plant the best crop to maximize their yields. When food supplies become unstable real trouble is certain to follow. And, remember:

People love themselves more than they love you.