Big events in my life! I am zeroing in on a new place to call home. It is in Carson City, Nevada. I toured it with a realtor a couple of days ago and since then have taken several of my friends to get their opinion of its possibilities. Isaac looked at all the potential problems, electricity hookups, sewer hookups, TV and internet and most of all the general shabbiness of the property. Laurie was impressed as I am with the size and the possibilities for all sorts of things which one can only do with lots of space and this place has acreage. With horses on both side of my new place it is definitely an upscale neighborhood.
John says that’s the sign of an expensive pastime and I agree. So I doubt I would have much trouble with druggies moving in next door. They speak of horse to mean a ton of beautiful four-hooved meat rather than a gram of mind destroying stuff.
I was worried about the dry weather bothering my nose, so I was paying particular attention to the scabbiness in my nostrils. But so far there hasn’t been the slightest problem.

I am rather fond of this neighborhood because the people are very much more friendly than Berkeley. There if you speak to a stranger they instantly expect you to hit em up for money to get out of town.