Doomsday, Jack the Ripper, H1N1 flu, The EarthArk Project and raising people from the dead are all subjects which scare people. If they are handled properly, however, they should still be subjects worth reading because they help the reader live their lives more comfortably within its limitations. Fear is a very good thing when it is associated with proper things and a very bad thing when it is associated with improper things. These blogs have been intended to help people find ways to better cope with the various problems presented and that is why Probaway has the sub-title – Life Hacks. Hacks with the meaning of –  techniques for helping solve problems especially those concerned with life.

These blogs have probably been far to intellectualized for most people to read. They were written with the intent of providing background information and proofs for the various assumptions and assertions. This technique might be more satisfying to some excessively cerebral type people but the neutral tone tends to become a long-winded tedious turn-off to normal human beings. This blog so far is a perfect example of this poor writing style. So, what’s to be done.

What can make these important subjects more positive, more interesting and more readable? Perhaps the very first sentence, which is all that appears in search engine presentations, should have its interest-hook stated in the form of a positive answer to a problem. That way the reader can approach the problem but not be scared off by the negative aspects. It seems like approaching the problem in reverse because the problem must be seen before it can be dealt with. However, if seeing the problem forces the reader into a defensive frame of mind and prevents them approaching the solutions offered then that style of approach would be self-defeating.

Sometimes, in the past, I may have gotten this right, for example: How to revive cold-dead people by warming their heart Jan 5, 2009   How much more positive can I get than giving you an easy … which is the synopsis that Google gives. That’s okay but for such an important idea to have been on the internet for a year now it has had only 296 hits. Well maybe that’s not too bad but there was no spikes which means it was totally search engine hits. It needs to be promoted, which brings me back to my New Year’s Resolution. On the other hand the post: “You can’t cure stupid!” especially Detroit-stupid Jan 11, 2009 … How can intelligent people be so STUPID??? Are the automakers in Detroit working as a cohesive group to achieve an industry wide Darwin Award? got 65,239 hits in one year. That seems like a negative title but it was cute, popular and about cars. Go figure. I think it was linked on some popular blog service but to this day I don’t know which one. With so many click throughs they may have made a lot of money with their advertising.

This year will be a grand adventure in self promotion.