Blogging seems to be a failure as a way to communicate, because this blog has had workable solutions to many problems facing humanity, but next to nothing has come of it. There are very few responses in the comment section available at the bottom of every post, which implies either people don’t understand these solutions or they didn’t go to the trouble of testing them. I know all 1,123 posts are valid and that they work because I only write about things of which I have had some personal experience and can defend with reasonable arguments. If they were speculative, and many of them are very speculative, I clearly imply the limits of my experience and knowledge. Now, I instantly admit that I didn’t just go back and reread all those posts, but I do know my guiding principles, and therefore know this statement to be valid. I wouldn’t have posted something I didn’t value as being reasonable, responsible and helpful. The guiding principle of this blog is implied in the title – Life Hacks.

The title “Life Hacks” means explorations of ideas which are thought to be helpful to living things and especially to people and their problems. Generally, it is searching for and exploring guiding principles of what is important and needed for humans to prosper. Some are obviously better than others, but as Picasso once said of his paintings, “They are all good, after all I did them.” Similar to Picasso, humility is one of my flaws, and I am trying to overcome it. Ha. Being polite and soft spoken in this world just means you are not heard, which is identical to being ignored.

This is an end of year reassessment of what I have been doing, and it’s not a whimper about getting too few hits but with getting too little response. Tomorrow will be my 4th pick for Probaway Person of the Year. That post is a continuation of an annual series. It will be a typical post which in that case will be based on finding the person who did something this year just ending of permanent interest to humanity. That person has been successful in providing something which other people will potentially remember in five hundred years. What Julian Assange, who got the most votes for TIME’s person of the year, did won’t be remembered for that long, although he may reveal something this coming year which will. If he does that he might be Probaway’s Person of the Year next year. So far all he has revealed is dirty laundry, which is disgusting enough, but so far not the details on how to make an atomic bomb or something similarly outrageous. That is not an absolute state secret any more, but making a bomb work must be difficult or the North Koreans, who have been trying for years, would have been successful by now. The devil is in the details apparently and the details are still secret. If Julian revealed those secrets and someone else then built the bomb and killed a bunch of people, because of his behavior, he still might not rate a distant memory, but only those who committed the crime.

The Scientific American is always posing problems which they imply are unsolved and even publish full page ads by prominent companies of solutions which are laughable like this one from GE:

GE battery charger station for cars

GE battery charger station for cars

This device which they trumpet is just an old fashioned gas pump with a big electric plug, which jams electricy into your battery faster. Worst of all it requires you to go to some commercial outlet to keep your short range car going. This isn’t a solution but more of a poor temporary fix to a permanent problem. The obvious solution I posted last year.

Chevy Volt battery powered automobile is shown with two power plugs; a drop cord and an automatic platform.

The yellow platform I drew in under this Chevy Volt has a lifting mechanism, shown in this example just behind the wheel, the electrical plug lifted automatically into a socket when you park your car at home and at work. It replaces the drop cord and plug, shown dangling from the car. People would forget to plug it in all too often. The mechanism I proposed would be automatic, and when you opened the door the car would remind you if you were not plugged in. An average driver’s trip from home to work would require a much smaller battery than is currently being shipped on these Volts because they would become charged more easily and thus more frequently. It would charge much slower, over night, or during the nine hours a person was at work which is much better for the battery. Go see, Automatic battery charging makes an all electric economy work, for more details on how this would actually work. This automatic charging platform is so very obvious it seems impossible that General Electric engineers didn’t do it years ago.

One of the few Probaway posts which got any responses was, The colonoscopy laxative drink made enjoyable. That post had over 6,000 hits but only six responses. This technique really works and most modern Americans will have the displeasure of drinking this foul stuff repeatedly during their life unless they read this blog post. Many people complain that drinking the gut flushing stuff is the worst experience of their year.

Those two posts were typical of many, many worthwhile things put up on this blog, but they are ignored; in these examples, the first by the auto industry and the second by individuals. It appears to be because they are not found, but that really isn’t completely true if there are so many hits. The site is approaching a half million hits and yet it hasn’t earned a single dollar, not enough to buy a single cup of coffee, only an occasional thank you. Furthermore, there are the web hosting fees which add up to a substantial sum over the years.

Three years of blogging has been a huge waste of time and considerable money.