I don’t like to waste money, even tiny amounts of money and therefore I watch for even the tiniest way to avoid spending it when it can be avoided. Also I like to watch for ideas that can be scaled up to everyone in the world and this toothpaste saving technique is something almost everyone will have the opportunity to use quite often. Seven billion people saving one penny a day by not wasting things which could be easily recovered by cleaning out their tubes becomes a total of $25.55 billion. That is 7,000,000,000 people times 365 days of saving a penny divided by 100 to equal dollars. That is 25 billion dollars per year savings. Okay, okay so I exaggerate a bit towards too much and am willing to divide by a thousand and come up with 25 million dollars per year savings. But that is clearly exaggerating towards too little – so the true, but ultimately unknowable, figure of money saved is somewhere between 25 billion and 25 million dollars per year. It is not a trivial amount and so I would recommend that everyone cut their tubes with a scissors to get at the last remnants of the stuff and to prevent the last of the remaining material from drying out to put a paper clip on the open end. The type of clips shown at the bottom work well for this function.


A tube cut with a scissors to get at the remaining materials

A toothpaste tube cut with a scissors to expose the unused materials.



Empty toothpaste tube still has a weeks supply of toothpaste.

Toothpaste recovery using a standard toothbrush



A tube sealed with a paper clip

A tube can be resealed with a paper clip slipped over the end.


The clip above works okay but a clip specially designed for this purpose could be made to make even a better closing seal.


Toothpaste tube clip bent to fit the end of a tube.

Bend the clip on both sides to be parallel to the end of the tube for a better seal.


Show me what you need and I will show you how to get by on less.