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I believe the three most important events ever for humanity are:

  1. The creation of our human ancestors by what I call Evish selection,
  2. The direct genetic creation of new species by Craig Venter which will revolutionize what we call life and
  3. The salvation of the genetic codes of the currently existing species of the world with The EarthArk.
Michaelangelo's Adam and Goya's Eve combined

Eve chooses Adam with a little verbal uh-huh from her friends.

I made this composite picture, derived from Michelangelo’s “God creating Adam” and Goya’s “Naked Maja” to illustrate my theory of human-style selection, Evish selection, in action. The picture shows Adam having ascended some difficulty, showing his prowess over another man and Eve choosing him as her mate but with the verbal counsel of a group of friends whispering in her ear.

1st new species is created by Craig Venter - Mycoplasma Venterium

Craig Venter - creates the first new computer generated species - Mycoplasma Venterium

What Craig Venter and his team did was much more important than creating primitive life out of pure chemicals; they laid the ground work for creating entirely new species of life out of computer generated DNA sequences. They have created the possibility of altering the DNA of these new species into new forms and creating completely new types of life with completely new but controlled behaviors.

The EarthArk Project - logo

The EarthArk Project - logo symbolizes seeds shipped to Antarctica from everywhere.

The EarthArk Project is designed to save as much of the world’s accumulated life forms as possible. That includes wild species of all living things and not just the commercially viable seeds. The ultimate goal is to have samples of seeds and soil from every square kilometer of Earth put into 10,000+ year -40°C cold storage containers in Antarctica.

Each of these three things chosen are about human mediated life here on planet Earth. The first is how our species shifted from a non-verbal one into one controlled genetically by verbal selection which eventually created all of our non-preexisting human qualities. The second is the newly acquired ability to create new unknown and at present unknowable life forms and to derive products from them which those living things can produce. The third is to preserve in a deep cold storage facility all of the life forms which have come into existence both in the past and in the future. It’s a backup plan for life.

The past, the present and the future of life is in our hands. Act wisely!