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Promoting your ideas on news media, internet sites, radio and TV and now on hand-held devices such as cell phones are all specialties which can only be approached by an amateur with either foolishness or trepidation. These are dark forests where wild animals lurk in the shadows and wolves eyes are peering from behind every niche of dank foliage. If one boldly moves in to these domains they will surely be taken by those whose occupation it is to exploit the unwary and who are worldly-wise to all the tricks of that particular trade. On the other hand if one moves into this strange land with trepidation and caution their weakness is easily spotted by those same human predators and the newbies fleece is soon shorn away. With even a little bit of real world experience the outsider soon realizes that any field of human endeavor is not a level playing field and those who got to the site first sculpted the lay of the land to fit their needs and to maximize their personal advantage.

In human society you must play by the rules of the local authorities. These rules are not obvious to the outsider but that is part of the situation which must be learned and adapted too. Quite frankly I must admit that I am an outsider to almost every form of human endeavor but I do have some ideas which if exploited will be productive. But only if I handle things properly. So having admitted that limitation on my part, the first thing to do is to find people who do know the rules and how to play them to their advantage and then ally myself to them as a protégé.

Because I recognize my limitations in these fields it seems most reasonable to exploit the Delphi technique or at least some variation of it. What that might be described as is a progressive technique for getting to better and better results from previously unknown sources by focused questions and listing the answers of respondents and then going to those new sources asking those respondents to judge the answers of the previous respondents. It is rather like an evolutionary process of animals forming new species but in this case it is the validity ideas and of abilities of the insiders which is being used.

The first step in the Delphi would be to ask, almost anyone, about who is knowledgeable in this field and then go to that person and ask who is knowledgeable in the field and then go to the person they recommend and ask them who is knowledgeable but make some suggestions based on the earlier interviews. The process is to be repeated several times until a stable result is found. This isn’t the same as reading a book on a subject because the aim is not to find generalized theories, which one doesn’t have the wisdom to apply properly, but to find people who can guide one to the best path and to the best people.

My previous mental approach may have been okay for finding answers to difficult problems which other people missed but my efforts to show and prove what I have found has been unproductive. It didn’t work because I wasn’t playing the game properly. It wasn’t proper because I didn’t present these ideas to the right people in the right way. So, what I need is not just promotion but the right kind of promotion to the right people and to the right organizations.

I will now begin the Delphi and have written results to report tomorrow evening.