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The Age of Stupid is a reality movie composed of on-site interviews with people involved in their daily lives and how the developing global disasters involve them. 

The Age of Stupid - movie poster

The Age of Stupid movie poster for the Albany, California screening.


You can view this movie at The Age of Stupid by clicking Videos and photos. I saw it with a group of about 30 older Berkeley/Albany people many of whom sayed afterward for an  hour long focus action-group meeting. The meeting was conducted by having several timed two-minute talk sessions by each person with a stranger about what they got out of the movie and what they could do to cope with the problems presented in the movie. It was very helpful for me because I was able to talk with a couple of people who were then aware of the problems facing humanity. Probably everyone in the original audience was already informed on these issues and this was only a movie for seeing what was happening in that venue. 

After our personal conversations, which helped me to clear my mind and warm up to speaking in public we listed things which we might do to help. 

The age of stupid list of possbile things to do.

A list of suggestions of things we can do from the audience.


From this list we made as a group effort it seems that these people were mostly interested in current community organization work even though the movie we had just seen was a retro look back from about the year 2055 which demanded a longer time frame. I waited until several other people had made their suggestions before I made mine, It was a one minute pitch for The EarthArk Project. As you can see from the white board list the people moved on in their thinking. However after the meeting several people, including the sponsors, approached me and wanted to get together. The sponsor said she was trying to get Albany school children involved in some Green projects and this might be one which would be interesting for them. 

Transition Albany community support suggestions.


These community organizers were of a high quality professional level and their presentations could have been delivered smoothly before crowds of thousands. Mine stage presence is very primitive by comparison but I have written much deeper articles about the ramifications of these Green Problems than were presented here today. Even here in radical and progressive Berkeley no one has conceived of anything so grandiose an answer to humanities problems as The EarthArk Project and yet each person I presented it to seemed to be very enthusiastic about its success. Most, but not all of the people were over age 50 and perhaps it is easier for them to think about a distant future which doesn’t include them personally. When these same ideas are presented to 20 year olds they tend to say things like,  Well I won’t be alive then so I don’t care. The kids always seem to think of the older people as being self-centered as they themselves are but after they are older they will probably realize that older folkes really want what’s best for the younger ones. 

Old people and children may be the most likely ones to support The EarthArk Project.