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When you have your heart attack and you probably will have a heart attack take two aspirin immediately. You should always have some aspirin tablets instantly available because the sooner you take the aspirin after your heart attack begins the more likely it is that you will dissolve the clot and restore the life saving blood flow before you die. Every organ of your body needs blood to live and if that blood is cut off for a while that tissue will die. Some organs like your brain use a lot of blood quickly and so must be replenished quickly or it dies but others like muscles can go for several hours before they die. A clot in a muscle will probably be cleared out by your bodies natural protective processes before the muscle dies. However, a clot to the brain must be cleared much more quickly or you will end up with a stroke which means loss of the function for that part of the brain which was deprived of blood. These blockages are the most common form of strokes and unless you are old and have been having TIAs a couple of aspirin taken when an obvious symptom strikes may save you from a catastrophic loss of that function.

The other organs of the body are in between those two for the period of time which they can survive without blood but every organ will die if it is totally deprived. A partial blocked flow will probably not kill any organ immediately but it will interfere with that organs functioning and probably cause immediate pain. Most organs have several separate sources of blood so a single blockage may be partially alleviated by an alternate source but will decrease the efficiency of the organ and cause distress. These clots can and should be dissolved immediately with aspirin because if one clot has formed there is a chance of others forming soon. The aspirin in your blood would then be helping to dissolve the first clot and also be helping to dissolve others that are in the process of forming and creating a new problem.

Heart attacks are the most spectacular blockages because they are common, quick painful and obvious and usually not instantly deadly so there is a period of concern, struggle and panic. Serious brain blockages are just lights out without so much writhing as with a heart attack and the other organs are just painful, diffuse and slower in their impact although potentially just as deadly. All of these disasters have a common cause and that is a small gob of plaque plugging an artery or possibly a vein.

Most people will die of some complication of the cardiovascular systems functioning but those deaths will be sub categorized by the organ which failed. Everyone is going to die, sooner or later but most will have blood clots bringing on the final event. Having aspirin instantly available is important because the sooner it is taken the less damage will occur and in fact there will be no damage at all if the clot clears out before any tissue injury occurs.

This blog is suggesting that of that vast number of people who die every year many, perhaps most could have their lives prolonged and restored to its condition of a week before their event with a couple of aspirin taken when the event is happening. It is cheap, safe and can be started an hour before you could get to an emergency room which would immediately start you on aspirin.