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From childhood to old age a tsunami of disinformation flows over our every public encounter and unseen others try to warp our perceptions to their will, usually for pecuniary profit. It is amazing that anyone survives this blizzard of nonsense and is still able to cope with their daily problems. These intentional lies we are immersed in leaves us totally flummoxed, of course, for coping reasonably with more distant problems of which we have little personal knowledge and experiential feedback. Usually it’s politics which is being invisibly spun because most people realize advertizing is totally biased and instantly take if for spun information intended to get them to purchase something they otherwise wouldn’t and therefore most people develop a healthy scepticism and resistance. But advertising and politics are just the visible surface on the floating iceberg of intentionally distorted reality.

As children we are told fabulous stories and are filled with a cartoon physics mentality in which reality waits for our conception of it to be realized before it actually works and if we don’t understand it that reality doesn’t affect us. The image of the Wile E Coyote running horizontally out over the Grand Canyon and not falling vertically until he realizes he is running unsupported in empty air, whereupon he stops moving forward looks surprised and starts falling straight down. There is a lot of false information being fed into the naive brain, in just a few seconds, into the inexperienced minds of children and lame minded adults. Another famous example of ultimately vicious misinformation of this type is the Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus story where a girl asks what she thought were responsible authorities for some clarification on the Christmas story and is fed an abundance of misinformation. This kind of subversive training sets people up to accept misinformation and disinformation when they age into adult bodies but are still filled with false habitual thoughts.

These brainwashed people grow up to believe many things which are absurd. For example they tend to think of newspapers as important sources of information and they read them so they may keep abreast of the happenings of the day. The owners of media have no intention of providing them with useful information. The intention is to make money and to do that they must sell newspapers with lots of advertising. The greater the circulation the greater the number of ads that can be sold and the more money the newspaper owners can make. The news part of the paper is nothing more than a bait to get people to look at the ads. Everyone claims to be critical readers of the news but that is little more than a fool claiming he is wise. A more accurate analysis of what a person actually believes is the newspaper they pay for and what political positions they will argue for and against.

One measurable proof of the hallucinatory effect on the minds of the public is their rating of the dangers of transportation. Where the average person rates riding a motorcycle from San Francisco to New York as about as dangerous as flying on a commercial airplane. In actual fact the motorcycle is about 10,000 times as likely to result in a fatality. If the public can be lead by the media to such absolutely ridiculously distorted beliefs how can they be expected to find truly subtle differences in political positions. The media do little to give true information and are almost wholly distributing their particular well spun propaganda which will fit the preconceptions of their paying readership. The old political saying, truth is what we giving you and lying propaganda is what those ugly people are spouting. Of course that’s what those liers are saying about us.

People seek out other people and media that support what they already believe. That reinforces their personal belief and makes them feel more comfortable but it has very little to do with objective fact. Presenting new facts does little more than convince a person of what they already believe because they will automatically fit the new data into their systematic scheme of what they already know to be true. In science the general observation is that even testable scientific knowledge improves slowly because the old scientists must die before new ideas can come in.

To come back to my basic idea that children must be given the maximum of factual reality and interactive uncontrolled experience while they are growing up if they are ever to see reality accurately. Stories are wonderful for emphasizing various concepts but they need a solid background of individual experience in isolated situations where they are the sole arbiter of complex situations. People become responsible for their present actions only when they are to be held clearly responsible for the future results.

People grow when they are personally in charge and responsible for outcomes.