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In the past there have been poor starving people in the world and in the future there will be until some obvious changes have been made. First there must be considerably more food than there are people because various random and  uncontrollable events like weather will cause the food supply to vary. Therefore, there must be  some substantial amount of food stored beyond daily personal needs of individuals to smooth out the irregularities in the world food supply, even decade long inconsistencies.

Second, the population must be maintained to within a number which the Earth can readily support and in the long run supply on an absolutely renewable basis. By long run is meant longer than about 100 years from now when the many basic one time use minerals like oil, coal and uranium and total recycling of minerals like gold, copper and  iron have been consumed. In the 500 year future the human energy supply for all uses of natural things will have to be supplied energy from the sun . That energy can come from solar cells, wind and water run off at dams where it is converted into electricity and sent to where it is needed. The population will necessarily be limited to about two children per woman and the population must be limited to an exact and measurable number.

This is not a policy recommendation for the present because actions necessary to achieve the long term stable population size would be so severe it would be horrible beyond belief and politically impossible beyond comprehension. However, it is clear that the current trends can not be maintained forever so these thoughts are for the future. Probably, the current consumption of one time use minerals can’t be maintained ever for another fifty years. Possibly there will be some unexpected shortage of something even sooner, something we presently take for granted but which we can not do without but which hits us swiftly and inexorably. That kind of thing can be consumed quite easily until it reaches an end point and then suddenly totally changes. It is called a tipping point. When it is an anticipated, but very rare event, it is called a black swan.

I hope this catastrophic event won’t happen! However, it is like the earthquake here in Berkeley which is inevitable because we live right on a consistently active fault with a major rupture every 140 years or so and its been about that long since the last big one. The human population bomb is probably much closer to bursting than anyone wants to consider but before that happens, while we are still incredibly wealthy we can easily make plans for a recovery and build that infrastructure so those future people could live long healthy lives totally free of poverty and hunger.

Eliminating poverty and hunger from the Earth can be achieved.