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The question of life goals usually comes up when a kid is heading off to college. They are usually required to declare a major and that means they must think for a few minutes about where they want to go. I remember having a short conversation with my parents but it didn’t go very far because we all knew I was interested in some sort of scientific thing because it was creative.

At the time I headed out for college the Korean War was in progress and I was 1A on Uncle Sam’s draft list so a college deferment was preferable to going over there and getting shot. One of my buddies, Peanut Stone, did do that and earned a Bronze Star for risking his life to save a couple of his friends stuck out in a rice field by driving a jeep out there while they were all being fired at by an enemy machine gun.

Through strange turnings of events I ended up taking the Air Force entrance exams, did spectacularly well on them and ended up being a pilot. It was a perfect fit for me, my aptitudes and my early 20s. Somehow, all of those major life changes were done with very little forethought. There were opportunities which came my way and I took them, actually it was more like they came my way and were the best options at the time so that’s the way I flowed. Many opportunities came my way and generally I was very good at whatever I did but everyone always felt like I was lukewarm about my commitment to whatever was the cause. I lacked the enthusiasm of a true believer. Yes, that’s true and I have always been too calm about the cause, always looking beyond it to the big picture, which is guaranteed to dampen enthusiasm.

Because of that poor attitude I never progressed as far as perhaps I could have because I always chose to get out when people around me simply got too stupid to endure anymore. I could make a long list of abandoned groups.

Now I am getting older, I should admit it, 75 isn’t older, it’s old. I am now finding myself with the same question in my mind that I had when entering college. What am I going to do with the next ten years? This is important to me because for the last month and longer I have been looking for a new home and blogging about it. But, by this intellectual exercise it becomes apparent to me that where I choose to live is going to have a major impact on what I do with my next ten years.

So, the question becomes, what would I like to have accomplished at the end of that time that I might actually be able to do? When I ask myself that question there is really only one thing I could truly look back upon as say to myself with satisfaction, “I did that.” The EarthArk Project. I have worked at that, off and on, for a couple of years but without bringing other people into the process and without other people it will never become what it desperately needs to become – a stash of critical life items high in Antarctica. I have already laid out the general strategy of what needs to be done and how to do it and  published quite a bit of that on this blog but there isn’t even a tiny container in Antarctica so at the moment it has come to nothing. Without some storage container, with a collection of seeds, no matter how small, high in Antarctica, I have done nothing. So, my path is clear and the question becomes where might I live where I could most likely be able to put together this shipping container and get it shipped? Who must I know and what must I do? Where might I best be able to do these things?

I will orient my activities to getting an EarthArk into Antarctica.