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The EarthArk Project and The LifeHaven Project are date-ordered in a list of posts.

Decision Points by George W. Bush – book review
Paul Atwood and the collapse of the American Empire
The Nuclear Tipping Point by US Secretary of Defense.
How to put everyone to work in a capitalist society.
It is a sad day for me.
70% of known plant species are at risk of extinction.
Tipping points and snapping points to Doomsday.
A moving adventure begins with a new house
Worse than War by Daniel Goldhagen – book review
Top 3 events for humanity! – Ever.
Your personal EarthArk in a free water bottle.
What would I like to have accomplished in 10 years
Global Catastrophes aren’t all that bad. – NOT ! ! !
The EarthArk seeds need a big airplane for transport.
What will control the world for 10,000 years?
2012 – The movie – A caustic review.
A quick recovery plan from a Doomsday disaster
Homeplanet Security – Update of major risks.
Preparations for a basic EarthArk
What are the best questions to be asking?
The EarthArk Project vaccine bank.
How you can solve The Doomsday Equation
Saving the animal world with cryonics.
Restoring animal life to a ravaged Earth.
The real power of Silicon Valley
Nuclear disarmament lecture by a major player.
How you can solve The Doomsday Equation
The Age of Stupid – movie review and meeting.
Who wants to die on Doomsday day? Not I!
My previous blogs might have been too negative to be read.
The evolution of my thoughts is getting weirder.
Jack the Ripper is in a theater near you.
Living antifreeze compounds may save species.
Give people of the future what they need to survive.
Now is the best of times but it’s also the worst of times!
Saving the animal world with cryonics.
Restoring animal life to a ravaged Earth.
A message to the United States Congress.
What are the tipping points for the world?
The laws of world society in 5000 years
Soon Doomsday will end and the New Adventure will begin.
WMDs – The Current progress defending against terrorism
Humanity’s appropriate response to extinction risk.
Blogging Chinese style by Isaac Mao.
Positive feedback for intentional worldwide improvements.
PM Gordon Brown too little too late for Paradise.
Lederman, Alvarez and the “Crater of Doom”
Copenhagen: The doomed soap bubble solution.
Give your friends a healthy elbow greeting.
Why try to predict a global famine?
How you can cure H1N1 flu – maybe.
Fallen Leaf Lake, CA. The good life.
South Lake Tahoe is perfect in September
The near future must include an EarthArk.
How to divert hurricanes with sea anchors.
Why am I so unpopular?
The coming global disaster is in full speed ahead mode.
The coming human population crash is an unpopular topic.
Population pendulum will soon swing to well below a billion people
It’s a great time to be a blogger.
The EarthArk Project Goals
Doomsday and Virtual Weapons States
Field guide to the Apocalypse in review
Sex Differences in a Crisis by Rose McDermott
The answer to humanity’s immediate problems—energy, global warming and food.
Darwin Awards are coming humanity’s way.
Saving modern humanity includes high tech stuff
Saving humanity and the world includes saving books
Population cap with transferable reproductive rights
Famine is now here and coupled with A-bombs and ICBMs.
Wind energy
Humanity is on a collision course with the obvious
Mountain top Eartharks for local use
Antarctica – possible Earthark storage sites
Potential Earthark sites in central Antarctica
Nuclear Power as a Solution to Climate Change.
Antarctica’s Gamburtsev mountains and the Earthark.
Earthark Project – Sample Index Page
The Earthark Project will restore the Earth.
Where are the coldest places in Antarctica?
The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer
The Revivification Of Mother Earth
Earthark, Lifehaven and Recuperate The Earth
Oceans of wind power are available for humanity’s use
Happy New Year from Dr. Doomsday
EarthArk supporter certificates and buttons
Doomsday, Armageddon, Apocalypse and Revelation
The probable future of humanity
EarthArk logo
The first EarthArk is being prepared for Antarctica.
The world seed bank needs money
Coming disasters might combine for worse effects.
EarthArk logo symbol
Earthark Project suitcase and poster at the Caffe Mediterraneum
Predicting the unknown unknowns of Doomsday
Notes on Earthhaven, Lifehaven, Earth Ark
The Simpsons and the real man at Fox, Peter Chernin.
How to create enthusiasm for humanity’s backup plan.
How to proceed with saving humanity and saving the Earth.
Terrorists and Freedom fighters want the A-bomb
Doomsday and what you can do now
Founding a Billion Dollar Company by James Truchard
Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Nuclear Terrorism – Graham Allison – review
The Gene Barrel Solution for human survival.
A tiny glimmer of hope for the future.
A Wellbeing Scale for measuring healthy behavior.
Doomsday may bring on another Doomsday.
What is the highest ethical value?
Paul Ehrlich & Carl Sagan – The Cold and The Dark – review
Physics for Future Presidents by Richard Muller review.
New Zealand is the modern Noah’s Ark, an Earth Ark.
WIRED: Pleistocene Park – reviewed
The easy life at Lake Tahoe.
Books on Fire—a review with some suggestions.
Measuring disasters on a scale permits rational comparisons.
Survival, Survivalism, Lifehaven, Doomsday, Armageddon.
Top Ten reasons not to worry about Doomsday.
Doomsday and the McCain-Obama Presidential campaign.
Andrew Carnegie aims to maximize the benefits to humanity.
Roosevelt, Oppenheimer, Air Force pilots and Plutonium manufacturers.
How Adam Smith’s invisible hand might help us avoid Doomsday.
he PGP genome project is synergistic with the Lifehaven strategy.
How ethical behavior can help us survive Doomsday.
Doomsday might be triggered intentionally by a suicidal terrorist.
Curtis Lemay — the real Doomsday prophet.
Imhotep was the first master of Doomsday.
Machiavelli – The Prince, Discourses and Doomsday inevitability.
Why discussing the Lifehaven project is so unpopular.
Doomsday blasts and radioactive fallout will be in the Northern Hemisphere.
After Doomsday are there gods and angels or devils and demons?
Fixing Doomsday with a new species and a new life form.
Lifehaven – Pitt Island
Doomsday — and the 10,000 years of returning to nature.
Doomsday recovery — One thousand years of hope fulfilled.
Doomsday — one hundred years later. A pitiful resolve.
Doomsday — ten years later. The worst extinction Earth ever experienced.
Doomsday – a year later
Doomsday — a month later.
Doomsday — a week later.
Doomsday precursors, Doomsday event, Doomsday survival and Lifehavens
A reality check, for I’m in deep doo-doo with Doomsday.
Doctor Doomsday says — Prepare now for the Black Swans are in the air.
Here is an alternative to Doomsday but you aren’t going to like it much!
GLOBAL WARNING – The Last Chance for Change.
Does science make belief in God obsolete?
Doomsday precursors — update.
Sun Tzu – Comments on Doomsday and the Lifehaven Strategy.
Sun Tzu – Doomsday preparations.
Sun Tzu — How the Art of War author would comment on Doomsday.
Population control – The most unpopular solution of all.
Lifehavens – A secure shelter from natural disasters.
Top 10 or Top 100 or TIME Person of the Year, says who?
The Earth will support only 100 Million high tech people.
Monsters of the worst kind!
Be cheerful! — Even the prophet of Doomsday can be cheerful.
Lifehaven — Doomsday sense and nonsense.
2012 — Doomsday the Mayan way.
Lifehaven Strategy — Who and what will live in the havens?
Lifehaven – War, Famine, Pestilence and Death.
Lifehaven – The time is ripe.
Lifehaven – Peter Island, Antarctica is not an easy choice for survival.
Lifehaven – Request to dock the ship Queen Mary in Tasmania.
Lifehaven – Maatsuyker Island, the balmiest Lifehaven.
Lifehaven – Doomsday forecast — but not today thank you.
Lifehaven – How bad are the 15 Homeland Security Disasters?
Lifehaven – What to do about usual disasters and terrorism?
Lifehavens – What is the chance that H-bombs will be used and Lifehavens needed?
Lifehaven – Antipodes Island is at the other end of the Earth.
Climate Change – How do we know what we know?
Lifehavens – A list of potential refuges for humanity’s survival.
Humanity’s survival with a population of 100 people.
Lifehavens for humanity. Survival alternatives with 1,000 people each.
Humanity’s survival after a disaster leaving 1 million people.
Humanity’s survival with a population of 100 million people. part 2
More on Preparations for humanity’s survival.

This lists 175 separate posts about to coming Doomsday and how if humanity created a LifeHaven and EarthArk there would something left over with which to build a Humble New World.