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When Pandora opened her sacred box she did the one thing the Gods had forbidden her to do. It was just like Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden when she of her own free will chose to eat of the fruit forbidden to her by God. Why did these girls, who had everything, misbehave? It’s been a struggle for humanity ever since to suffer God’s punishments because of their willful actions.

The one thing which Pandora was able to grab from the box before it fell upon mankind was Hope. That is the single curse of God which is still under human volitional control. Ever since that fateful event we humans have clung to Hope. It is claimed to be our one salvation from all of the other evils which we cannot control. Hope has become the foundation of our belief and on that original curse many religions have been founded. Hope is at the core of believing something which isn’t true. Hope, once granted, can help us trust in something which is easily proven to be false, or even worse demonstrated to be a lie contrived by an enemy intending to enslave us.

On the Trustworthiness Scale the emotion of Hope is at the absolute worst place and it is the most liable of all forms of information to lead us astray and get us into trouble. Hope is the only one of the evils that did not get out of the humanly controlled box and it has plagued humanity ever since. We call Hope a good thing because it makes us feel good but hope is like a narcotic with a short term pleasure which brings on a long term disaster. Whoever first developed the Pandora myth appears to have known that aspect of Hope and that is why it was in the box.

A picture of Pandora just opening a beautiful box.

John William Waterhouse - Pandora opens the box. It is such a pretty box.

Pandora – painting by John William Waterhouse (1895).

She is such a nice looking girl, who would never do anything bad, and it is such a pretty box, it could never hold anything but pretty things. So why not take a little peek? Just a tiny little peek. It is certain to be something nice.

Young women’s fickle choosing brought humanity everything beyond our animal nature, including the unintended consequences. See:

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