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I have cured my H1N1 flu but maybe I am cheering a little too soon. I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop, the Mediterraneum, here in Berkeley typing this blog. This almost exactly two days since I first had a scratchy throat or any other clear manifestation of a cold. I will admit that I had been feeling a bit depressed for two days and had taken hot baths each day as a precaution against possibly catching a flu but even though I observed myself quite carefully I didn’t know if I actually had a flu until day before yesterday when I posted, My treatment of today’s flu worked okay, and then yesterday when I definitely had a flu and posted, My flu germs are doing better than I am. I did take a hot bath this morning but then visited with an old buddy of mine who comes by every Monday morning for an hour or two but he didn’t notice anything different from my usual healthy demeanor. Then I came to the Med and talked to two guys for an hour and they didn’t notice anything either. However, I must admit I am starting to feel a little tired so I might go home a little bit early so I can take a second bath today.

Yesterday, I clearly had a cold, with a high temperature and later after going to bed at midnight I had a coughing spasm which got worse the more I coughed but it went away after I succeeded in mentally suppressing it for several seconds. Some friends just came in so I am going to go chat for a while. 3:45 PM

Later… After chatting an hour, I was feeling less than perfect and as the weather was rainy and cold and looked like it might get worse I thought I’d better get home. So, I headed out on the mile or so walk to BART and got home after encountering only modest rain. I took another hot bath and after cooling down felt okay, not perfect but okay. Now four hours later, having watched an exciting episode of 24 it’s time to finnish up this post and go to bed.

One good measure of how sick one is from a cold is how much yellow snot one can generate and so far by that standard I am below a quarter teaspoon. So far, I haven’t hacked up a single loogie. That’s something to think on.