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 This is an update on my blog of two years ago and of yesterdays report on my current flu symptoms. I am using that blog, A cure for the common cold using 105° F baths as my guide for treating this flu. 

6:23 PM —  I took two hot baths yesterday and one more this morning and have been feeling okay until about an hour ago. Then my nose started running with a watery fluid and now I have started sneezing occasionally but it’s only this last hour than any person other than myself would think that I had a cold. I had all the usual seasonal flu shots  three months ago but not the H1N1 shot. It is reported that the flu now going around is H1N1 so I suppose that’s what I’ve got. 

The cure for the H1N1 using 106° F baths.

Cure the H1N1 flu with 106° F baths. - - Maybe.


I have drawn another hot bath to 100° F and it’s now stabilizing while the hot water heater recovers enough hot water so I can later keep the tub temperature at 106° F. We keep the hot water heater set at it’s very lowest setting, to save energy. When writing yesterday’s blog I had the feeling that I had started my hot baths at the very first sign of that cold and that I could count those baths as part of my treatment sequence. In the past I had not started my hot baths treatments until the symptoms were more noticable, about like they are now. My body temperature is now 98.6° F. which for me is a slight fever. In a few minutes I will get into 100° F bath water lie in it a minute then run the temperature up to 106° F and after a few reheatings of the water run my body temperature up to 102° F. This water temperature is one degree higher than my former recommendation but in fact I just run the temperature up and let it drift back down to 105.5° F so it isn’t all that different. 

10:02 After the bath, we watched the movie, Temple Grandin, which for me was a real tear jerker and a fine distraction from my fairly mild symptoms. I don’t think I am evenly mildly autistic but many of the things said and done in the movie, like her searches for motivations of other beings by putting herself in their place, and her unique struggle to find something to make life meaningful. She felt okay with the fact that cattle were raised to be eaten but thought they should be treated with respect and kindness while they were alive. It reminded me of my super hero alternate identity — I am Apophenio! I see what others don’t! For me that’s a little joke which is fun to spring on people at costume parties or at the Med sometimes but there is some truth in it. For Temple Grandin these ideas were portraied as all consuming passions. My temperature is now 99.6° F which for me is definitely a fever so I am going to bed and plan to take another hot bath first thing in the morning.