Architecture should be of the people, by the people and for the people. That is an obvious goal but unfortunately the world has been corrupted by mad men with intellectual pretensions who have inserted all sorts of bizarre mental constructs into our consciousness. These constructs are for people to marvel at rather than to maximize their health and happiness. This problem isn’t limited to architecture but it is most easily seen in that venue both in its verbal pronouncements and in its physical constructions. 

Deconstructivist architecture

A Deconstructivist icon the Kristallpalast, Dresden, Germany 51.044, 13.737

The foundation for these modern social hallucinations begins at an early age with the teaching of fantastic children’s toys and stories which sink so far into their inner being that they can never be cleansed away by later experience. Also, in childhood there are comic books and TV cartoons which are equally corrupting to reasonable percetpion and thinking and these become integrated into acceptable ways of thinking about the world. It is admitted by every conscious person that much of this stuff is nonsense but the unworkable relationships with the world become embedded in our minds, all the same. Then a bit later with the advent of adulthood comes printed and TV news, which is so rampant with lurid but questionable information that only a person raised in the ridiculous fantasies of a non-sane culture could possibly give them a moment’s viewing.

Frank Gehry, The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao 43.269, -2.934

 The objects we live with should help us to live our lives well, which requires them to be easily understood to be used properly. They should be cheap to acquire and fulfill their intended function with a minimal amount of outside training. They should be capable of being easily stepped back from and any action with and unintended result recovered from and the person being returned to an earlier condition. The things we use in life should be made to help us not to wow us and eventually destroy us.

The buildings above are pretty to look at for a while, like looking at a flower but this building demands and gets vastly more attention and it can only end up disorienting the user from being a human and re-forms them into some alternate sort of space alien. Most people probably recover their senses after a while and perhaps a few of them grow more mentally healthy, which I would consider a good thing, but I can’t help thinking the same artistic and monetary effort expended in a more human way could have changed these people’s lives much more effectively for the better.


Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery 38.88, -77.069

The modern architectural effort is supposedly mind-expanding like LSD or visiting Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC, which has similar programmed qualities but it leaves one wondering.

Why do people do crazy things?