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My projects are all failures! I have thought long and worked hard on lots of things which I felt were for the common good. Things which would improve the human condition for everyone, not just for my own personal needs. And yet, here I am now 74 years old and have nothing, absolutely nothing to show for my efforts. I have no money and am practically a street beggar, no position of prestige in fact I’m the Berkeley research libraries crazy-guy, no respect amongst my friends of decades and they belittle everything I say. I could go on with this litany but it would sound self pitying and I don’t feel one bit self pitying. I feel like I have been searching for and finding important things many of which I have shared with the world and the world isn’t ready.

Some of my friends are now actually shunning me because of my all too often outspoken proofs for my various ideas. Read my blogs for lots of interesting and worthwhile things. Today, on a similar issue which I’m sure will get negative feedback, one of my friends was expressing resentment towards me for his belief that I didn’t care for his physical wellbeing. Several people were present for this accusation. I was incensed at the callousness of this comment and its relevance to my world-woe of human non-understanding of what I have freely offered to each and everyone. It began because this particular older male doesn’t carry aspirin on his person even though I have tried repeatedly to show him how and why aspirin taken immediately after his heart attack symptoms appear might save his life and vigorous health. But it resulted in an angry tirade directed at me. In the past I tried repeatedly over years and in the face of much opposition to get him to purchase some Tamiflu before the H1N1 flu hit. That drug is only helpful the first few days and is counterproductive taken late in the high fever stage. And then when the flu did start-up I tried repeatedly to get him to get a vaccination at the first possible opportunity. I even coached him on the white lies he would have to tell his doctor so he could get a Tamiflu prescription. All of this was well before there was a shortage of these supplies and so their purchase would be encouraging to the manufacturers to make more of these life-saving drugs. He did get the flu and was very sick but he was angry with me because I chastised him for not having Tamiflu.

These suggestions on how to survive heart attacks and flus are reasonable and to some degree obvious common sense derived from easily available common knowledge but these lifesaving ideas are met with unreasoning hostility. Why? I ask myself many times. Perhaps it is because I approached these ideas on their first encounter with facts before setting up the situation properly as discussed in Conversations are improved by appealing to bias. If simple facts are presented first, without proper setup, the recipient of those facts will spontaneously fit those facts into their preexisting world view

Because these simple ideas were met with such unreasonable hostility I must assume that it is because I presented them improperly. It is my fault and if I am so very slow to realize these obvious truths, I must be crazy just as everyone says.