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Why worry about obesity? The world is going to hell in a hand-basket, and the fatter we are the better off we’ll be. After all it’s unlikely the Devil will be serving canapés and chocolates when he greets us so it makes sense to chow-down while the we and the chow are in the same place at the same time?

This month’s Scientifc American (Oct 2010 p. 104) whines away with the tired blat about Americans being too fat and they present us with an almost incomprehensible chart which seems to claim that obese women with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30 have something like an eleven times average risk of developing Type II diabetes, which triples their risk of dying before the age of fifty. Apparently they didn’t include these particular women in their sampling of total women because if they did the chart wouldn’t make any sense at all. The reason is that there are 34 obese symbols, 34 overweight symbols and 32 normal symbols and if they pooled all of these people together it would be impossible to get their answer of eleven times the mortality of the average. Therefore, they must be comparing the 34 obese ones to the 32 less than overweight ones to get the enormous difference in death statistics.

There is a usually overlooked problem with comparing the fat ones with everyone under BMI 25 because quite often people loose a lot of weight before they die. So to be more realistic they should limit their comparison to BMI 20 to 25 and let those potentially sick ones under BMI 20 go unincluded for this comparison. However, if they did that the obese statistic would look even worse than they do and as the old cliché says, Why beat a dead horse. Of course most modern people would’t have a clue what that was supposed to mean so I won’t say it. It’s impolite to poke fun at the dying.

Usually its the abundance of sugar in the American diet which is blamed but I will hang with the other appropriate old saw, You are what you eat. Since fat people are obviously fat by definition, by that profound philosophy, fat people would be eating too much fat. Also, fat is slower to digest so while these people are sleeping they are gaining weight from those ever so tasty pastry treats. Sure they have lots of sugar but they also have lots of fat and that has more capacity to Stick to the ribs, as they say and one wouldn’t want to wake up hungry in the middle of the night. So, it’s better to eat fat foods before going to bed.

So after sitting down all day at work, and sitting down while going to and coming from work, and sitting down while eating and sitting down while watching TV and drinking beer, what else is their to do but lie down and sleep and get some alternate activity from all that sitting.

I digress on my digressions because I don’t know what going to hell in a hand-basket really means these days. It would seem to mean — what is in the hand-basket is what you put into your bread-basket.

Shop carefully, the life you save will be your own.