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Our life is on hold. We have put in an offer on a house in Carson City, NV, over two months ago which was accepted by the owner but the final sale has been hung up in obscure bank paperwork. Yes, it’s a short sale and we were warned that it might take some time for it to clear the hurdles but what’s the hang up? We have been informed by our real estate agent and by searching the problem on the web, that we shouldn’t bother the banks. We are not supposed to query them because they are overloaded as it is and our wondering what the progress on our application would actually hinder the acceptance.

The problem seems to be that if the market price would go up the bank wouldn’t go through with the transaction but if the price goes down they would. Thus in effect they can only win and we can only lose as time goes by. We had to put up our honest money and they didn’t have to put up anything. So, our house sits there for anyone to come along and offer a dollar more than we have and the bank would go for them and dump us.

Fortunately for us there is a glut of houses on the market in the Carson City area because there are not enough jobs to support the people who already live there. The local economy is in a deep slump, even worse than the rest of the US, and with the lack of jobs and an excess of new housing in the locality, houses are just sitting unoccupied. It therefore is a good place for people going into retirement to reside because they can get a five-year-old house for half what it cost a couple of years ago. The local weather is a bit hot in the summer and a bit cold in the winter, but not extremely so, and since the houses are new and there is a law requiring a high standard of insulation on all new construction, they are comfortable year around.

Most people would like to own a newer house because that would provide a larger and more pleasant and generally cleaner feel. Therefore, people who are going to purchase a house in this area are far more likely to buy a newer one than the one we are waiting for, so probably we will get it. Quite frankly the place we want is more than a little shabby but it has qualities which we do like. Mostly it’s within our price range and has enough space both inside and out. And so we chose it and so we wait for it.

And so we wait and wait some more and at my age I can feel myself getting weaker by the year. At the present rate I probably wouldn’t want to do this move in another five years and certainly not in ten and probably couldn’t in fifteen. So waiting is more of a concern for me now than it would have been a few years ago. When I project back fifteen years, which seems like yesterday, I was much stronger and still running well under an eight minute mile but not now.

Nowadays I walk and after a couple of easy miles feel like stopping for a cup of coffee and a cookie. Now, I prefer sitting and practicing my idle meditations, one of which is to —

Look up at the sky and smile.