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The world has a love-hate relationship with America. The reasons are obvious — we saved the world from Hitler and his likes several times and most people love us for that, but we appear to have more goodies than other people so they hate us for our apparent wealth and conspicuous consumption. Of course that is simple envy and nothing much can be done about it except to ask them, would you trade the good qualities of your culture for an American life style? Of course not. The American style at least as seen in the movies is obviously disgusting to every conscious person. It is preposterous because it creates no human value and leaves nothing but the ennui-filled meaninglessness of physical possessions. And, how many would choose the transient quality of American personal relationships based on purposelessness, artificial constructs and getting more money?

It would seem a sane human would choose to relax with friends and family in a reasonably sized home and community rather than live virtually alone in a McMansion located in an anonymous suburb filled with identical zombies. These houses are so big even family members live out their lives in virtual isolation from one another.

The National Journal reports that Americans no longer think The U.S. economy is No. 1 according to an Allstate/National poll. One thing excited me about this poll – they asked the respondents to estimate not only the current state of affairs but to project twenty years into the future for their second estimate. They believed America would have a resurgence of economic growth and in twenty years China and America would be approximately equal. That estimate was based on the belief that America had better education than China. That may be true at the moment but at the top US universities the engineering  classes are filled with Asian students, and China itself is reputed to be turning out several times as many engineering graduates as America. These are the people who will build the great new societies of tomorrow. The graduates of art schools and acting academies which home grown Americans are encouraged to attend are just making emotional pablum to fill in for real human to human relationships.

Think about all the ads on TV begging adolescents to come to their world class engineering school. Oh, no, I have never seen a single one. But, alternatively, how many ads have you seen for a profession in the arts. These are promoted for a great career as a film director where you can express yourself. Even here in Silicon Valley I see little effort to recruit talent into that world famous computer field and a lot to join the art school.

China is clearly going to surge way beyond the US in technical knowhow in twenty years but the public, in the survey mentioned above, seems to think we will recover. That can’t happen because the money that supports the entertainment industry comes from advertising and that money comes from sales of some sort of product outside of entertainment. Entertainment can’t fund entertainment alone; it needs some outside energy and money to keep going. That would be a perpetual motion machine generating money. Perhaps it should be compared to a Ponzi scheme where more people are entering entertainment schools to train more people into entertainment. That bubble will burst as other fantasies of that type have before.

Amercia’s greatest product is dreams but you can’t live on dreams forever.