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Listing of possible blog promotion sites with brief comments.

  1. AboutUs – A wiki style search engine site for finding web sites
  2. Alexa – Lists web sites populatity by number of hits
  3. AuthorityBlogger – A forum for posting the promotion link
  4. Blinklist – Sets up your personal web page of visited sites
  5. Blogarama – A Japanese social blog community
  6. Blogcatalog – A searchable catalog of web sites and tools.
  7. Blog directories – A large list of the submission urls for RSS and blog
  8. Blogmarks – Collaborative link sharing and key-word tagging.
  9. Blog carnivals – A Blog Carnival is like a magazine of related posts.
  10. Buzzer Hut – Provides bloggers a platform to showcase their blogs.
  11. del.icio.us – Large and searchable social networking tagging site
  12. Digg – Is a top rated social networking site which votes on quality
  13. Dingo – Search and bookmarking site
  14. Dummy Sofrware – for RSS feed, backlinks and feed indexing management,
  15. Facebook – helps you connect and share with people in your life
  16. Fark – User comments on daily news articles
  17. Feed For All – RSS is the standard for content distribution and syndication
  18. Feedmelinks – A social bookmarking startup hypothesis under test:
  19. Forum 4 Bloggers – is a discussion site by and for bloggers
  20. Furl – A social bookmarking site
  21. Linkagogo – Online internet bookmarking LinkaGoGo Society
  22. Linkedin – Business networking for jobs mostly
  23. Liquida – Italian portal meritocratic portal of streaming news
  24. Ma.gnolia – is a social bookmarking site for public discussions
  25. Mextena – Top 100 blog Tips of All Time
  26. MyBlogLog – Tracking sites and making money online
  27. Myshare – Store and share digital information and physical equipment
  28. MySpace – is a community which aims at popular culture and movies
  29. Netscape – AOL is a major news and search engine for pop culture
  30. Netvouz – Bookmarking with public options for friends
  31. NewsGator – social networking for finding productivity stuff
  32. News Guy – for getting news focused to your needs
  33. Newsvine – A reflection of what people are now saying from MSNBC
  34. Reddit – A user selected set of web sites with comments
  35. RSS Specifications – everything you need to know about rss
  36. Smarking – Google groups of on line discussions
  37. Software Marketing Resource – helps with marketing software
  38. Spinn3r – Gives real time access to every blog post being published
  39. Spurl – Online bookmarking accessible to self and others
  40. Squidoo –  Hyperlink inclusion that warns of web credibility
  41. StumbleUpon – browsing tool for discovering and sharing web sites
  42. Super Blogging Tips – a good suggeston letter with link to site
  43. Technorati – Internet blog search engine
  44. TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design
  45. Twitter – very short instant comments on subject searched
  46. View Forum – is mostly pop culture and Hollywood gossip
  47. YouTube – lets you post movies about anything

What is the best way, any way, to get blog coverage? My current Probaway blog has lots of stuff which should be interesting to many people but in fact it gets only a few hits so, with this post, I am exploring ways to get more coverage. The above list was compiled from web searching and is only a start. My intention is to check out a one of these per day and apply their methods.