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New Year’s Resolutions are a bit stressful for me because I will probably stick to them for the entire year, whatever they turn out to be. For example, I have blogged every single day now for two years. Lately that means nearly a thousand words per day about things which I consider important, things which are new and useful in some way to other people as well as myself. That activity has taken me along paths much further than I ever would have gone by merely thinking about them or by talking about them with my friends. Usually those thoughts or conversations don’t delve very deeply into a subject but rather jump from one superficial observation to another one. It becomes a random walk through generalized concepts in individually limited minds. I like to go deeper into many things with other people but usually they quickly get bored with something clearly exploratory. They seem to be willing to listen to one of our Berkeley-professors give a more or less canned lecture on something factual but the people I know here in Berkeley are unwilling to explore more than one level into any subject with which they are not familiar. It makes them nervous and resistant! So, a conversation about a new subject becomes a series of asides, puns,  jokes and factual references and spins on concrete data. These blogs have been a great help to me because they allow me to explore varied subjects much deeper than was possible before.

I am willing to keep on blogging, although perhaps not every day and it will probably be fruitful in many unexpected ways but there is a problem with continuing in a direct way along the paths which these blogs have taken me. That problem is that there isn’t any public response. It isn’t because the blogs have been boring, consider Jack the Ripper was Arthur Conan Doyle which is probably the most interesting personal revelation of the century by anyone. But no one is interested, at least not yet. It can’t be because they are trivial, consider, Automatic battery charging makes an all electric economy work, which would change the world’s automotive industry for the better. It can’t be because the subjects are short sighted, consider, Give people of the future what they need to survive, which will be of great value to future people. It can’t be because they don’t have links to the internet, consider, UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with Links which is a wonderful site to tour. It isn’t because they concern subjects that no one is interested in, consider, Surviving the Swine-flu, Bird-flu. 4 new ways, which has more helpful hints on the flu than any publicly sponsored site I’ve visited. It can’t be because the subjects are not interesting to human beings, consider, Human evolution was controlled by emergent human women, which is the best theory I have ever seen on how human beings acquired the wonderful genetic heritage which they obviously inherited from somewhere. And, it can’t be because the graphics are poor, click through on the above references for some graphic examples.

This blog has been getting almost 20,000 hits per month, which seems like a lot. So, what’s the problem? The problem is that there isn’t any apparent public interest in anything put out there except, “You can’t cure stupid!” especially Detroit-stupid, which is a good enough blog for an evening’s work but it wasn’t very important. Every one of the links above are much better and are much more important on every level but they get very few hits and apparently have no linkages from other sites.

So, in the future I have to do whatever it is that gets people to look at the important things as well as at the trivial ones. That has to be my New Year’s Resolution. I considered this problem briefly with, So, you want to be famous.tv popped into my life, but it didn’t lead to anything significant. At the moment I don’t know what that will develop into but it appears to be something like — do something everyday which will bring attention to the valuable things on the blogs. Do things which will have continuing intellectual pull and payoffs without further input of time effort and other resources. Things which will attract the standard media outlets, things which will attract the new electronic distribution networks. The New Year’s Resolution must be meaningful and SMART — It is —

Do something every day which will attract attention to the blog.