In my efforts to create a real EarthArk it is necessary to get an idea of what the public is being subjected to relative to world disasters and Arks for helping some portion of the world’s species survive. The movie 2012 postulates an absurd cause for worldwide calamity based on a solar flare which heats up the innards of the Earth with strange neutrinos. That begins slowly enough but as the heating continues the Earth ultimately convulses with tsunamis so fantastic they run the heroes’ ark aground near the top of Mount Everest. However, it leaves the whole African continent in pristine condition. The plausibility of the situations is so far beyond belief as to be ludicrous but it is entertaining in the maudlin social interactions.

My problem with entertainment of this type is that it so befuddles the public’s mind with the Hollywood induced distortions that they can not see simple logic. When real proposals are made for creating an EarthArk of seeds in the high Antarctic they imagine monster operations conducted by zombie drones. What the movies fill peoples minds with would be impossible for even unified world governments to construct.

What the basic EarthArk consists of is no more than a standard shipping container filled with local wild seeds collected by high school students on local field trips and sent to a cold storage place. In a safe and permanent cold storage these seeds would remain viable for thousands of years and so in the future after global warming had finally been gotten under control their local habitat could be restored to its present condition. The total large expense would only be the cost of a shipping container and the transportation costs to get to its permanent cold storage site. The smaller expenses of collecting the seeds would be spread over large numbers of people taking outings in their local environments and could be considered pleasurable afternoon jaunts.

The movie 2012 makes people into helpless pawns controlled by forces totally outside of their understanding and control. What The EarthArk Project does is to give meaningful control of the distant future back to present people by these present people doing some easy to understand collecting and storage of local living things. Thus they can accomplish something which fifty years from now they can look back to with pride even if there is irreparable destruction to the atmosphere and the world’s environment.