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Pain is measured and charted on a 15 level scale which associates the patient’s internal sensations with observable external manifestations. The chart associates each level with a — Labeled arabic numeral, Scalable graphic symbol, Pains face Drawing, Common group and action term, Unique standard name, Level of pain reported by the sufferer, Typical external observed behavior at the level of pain, Things to check for and do at the level of pain, Counseling used to help deal with the level of pain, Drugs and options, PAINS levels of reduction and risks.

Pain Scale Intensity Measurement – click for a larger .GIF chart.

Probaway Pain Scale - PAINS

Pain Scale - For measuring the intensity of human pain and suffering

Pain Scale Intensity Measurement Chart – click here for a printable .PDF.

Pain is a report by the body to the mind that something isn’t ideal and the pain receptor’s environment should be modified to eliminate and prevent the undesirable condition. In a normal person there is a reflexive withdrawal from the perceived pain-causing sources but pain thresholds and pain tolerance levels vary greatly with the person and the situation. Because pain is such a complex and variable sensation which ranges from imperceptible to overwhelming, it is necessary to make intensity discriminations before a given situation can be reasonably discussed.

This chart makes an effort to explore the sensation of pain with as fine as possible gradations. It may be difficult to discern a single point difference in pain but three points is usually easy. Every situation is unique and therefore the application of the chart to any given situation is unique. Each should be treated as a one time experimental application and approached with considerable caution. Obviously, you must proceed at your own risk because I cannot be responsible for anything you do after reading this chart.

Think carefully about possible side effects before applying these ideas.

UPDATE 11/11/11
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Steven Pinker – The Better Angels of Our Nature p. 146 has a long quote on PAINS ~ 14