This slightly weird book is an exploration of the fringes of the world of the American occult community. Apocalypse Pretty Soon: Travels in End-Time America by Alex Heard consists of a journalist’s interviews with people actively trying to achieve contact with alternate intelligences and the hidden aspects of our own potential consciousness. He personally visits and explores the many paths from the rapture hopefuls of Unarius-Science of Life to the novo-spiritualists at the Monroe Institute who live for self-induced out-of-body experiences. These various fringe people had one thing in common — they were trying to develop their own personal relationship with the unknowns and possibly unknowables of our human relationship with the cosmos. Because their various quests were outside of the main stream of everyday experience their efforts are easy for the common herd to make fun of but these people are making the effort to find truth for themselves. Most of them have a healthy doubt about the validity of the programmed truthiness the government and their shills the media are constantly foisting upon a cowering public whose main concern is to be accepted and not to be seen as being different.

Alex Heard approaches his subjects as an open-minded observer back in the mid 1990s and does make some real attempts to understand what they are attempting to accomplish but almost invariably he turns into a Borat precursor and can’t seem to help himself from poking fun at his victims. Okay, so building cities out in the ocean like the NICCOnauts want to do is a bit expensive and living FOREVER on various vitamin supplements is a bit optimistic and saving you brain in a nitrogen freezer and waiting for a happier and healthier time is a real stretch but someone should be exploring these possibilities. Why disparage those who are making the attempt?

Go and find out for yourself”